I think it's safe to say at this point that Bughead — that's the pairing of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones — on The CW's Riverdale is my absolute favorite couple on TV right now. I don't think I'd be too far off, either, if I said that most of the country agrees with me.

When the series began, the very thought of Cooper and Jones being together hadn't so much as occurred to viewers, seeing as Cooper had a lifelong crush on next-door neighbor Archie Andrews (but like, who doesn't?) and Jones' character hadn't yet seen much screen time. But as the pair began investigating Jason Blossom's death, they (and everyone else watching) realized they just fit together.

Ever since their first kiss early on in the show's first season, their relationship has been a wild ride including but not limited to breakups, makeups, drug smuggling, death, strange relatives, musicals, investigative journalism — and somehow, they still don't seem to know that their parents FP and Alice share a child and snuck around with each other, like, all summer. Let's just say this pair's been through it all and nevertheless are nowhere near the end of the drama.

Below, watch our favorite Bughead moments from the hit show and just try to resist the urge to binge the entire series all over again.