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This Saturday (May 21) marks 10 years since the last episode of "Charmed" aired, and there's still so much to miss about the show. From the girls' fierce sisterhood, to the inventively written demons, to the gloriously awful CGI effects, "Charmed" remains a highlight of my Netflix queue. 

One of the most magical things about the Halliwell sisters, though, was without a doubt their fashion sense. I mean, really — witches in late '90s/early aughts San Francisco? This is the stuff of gold, here. Each sister had a distinctive personal style, and no number of demons to battle could dampen it. Here, we've ranked 27 of the most witchin' fashion moments from the series. Take a cue from their Book of Sartorial Spells and read on.


All of Prue's office looks.

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Her work attire was always minimalist and sleek ... and it still makes me want to up my own weekday game. 


This brown velvet number worn by Prue.

Prue Charmed
photo: The WB

Honestly, the Dream Sorcerer was one of the scariest demons to me, and I may or may not have feared falling asleep after watching this episode. But even on the brink of possible death, Prue still looked bangin' in this backless maxi dress. 


This totally darling seersucker dress Paige wore.

photo: The WB

The full, pleated skirt. The tiny bows. The scalloped bust. GIMME.


This perfect encapsulation of 1999/2001-era fashion.

Charmed Phoebe
photo: The WB

The braided hair. The denim jacket. The woven straw bag. My first grade self would've killed for Phoebe's outfit. 


This red, Chinese-inspired top worn by Piper.

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I loved Piper. She was kind, and brave, and often the glue that held the Halliwell family together. Her style, however, could've used some improvement, as her sartorial choices often veered towards dowdy. This intricate red top, though, complete with red hair bow and stacked red bracelets, was a highlight. 


These fuzzy sweaters.

photo: The WB

Pastel-hued fuzzy sweaters abounded in the first and second seasons, and man, do we miss 'em.


These fierce, warrior-inspired looks.

The Charmed gals disguised themselves as islander warrior-maidens to save Leo in this episode, and the outcome was something straight out of Destiny's Child's "Survivor" video. 


This embroidered robe and chopsticks lounge-wear.

photo: The WB

Wearing a Chinese-inspired robe over purple lingerie with my hair held up by beaded chopsticks = life fashion goal. 


This airport look.

photo: The WB

Until pesky demons interfered with her beach-going notions, this is what Prue decided she would wear to the airport. With abs like hers though, I, too, might find *real* shirts burdensome. 


These punk princess frocks.

photo: The WB

They TOTALLY worked. 


All of the killer slip dresses.

Soo I'll take 500 of these, thanks much! 


Phoebe's mesmer(maid)izing getup.

photo: Warner Bros.

She rocked glitzy gold scales (and not much else). 


The strappy, sexy AF heels.

photo: The WB

I'd barely be able to walk down the street without breaking my ass in these, let alone battle demons. But I also admittedly (sadly) am not a Charmed one. 


Phoebe's many date night looks.

Charmed Phoebe
photo: The WB.

That red blouse had detachable sleeves. Swoon. 


Piper's vamped up look.

photo: The WB

I mean, sure, it may not have actually been Piper who chose to dress like this, but rather the evil spirit possessing her or whatever. Still, this stands out as a solid style moment for middle sis. 


Whatever the hell they're wearing in this.

photo: The WB

The "Charmed" ladies look like they raided my childhood dress-up chest in this promotional shot, and I must say I'm loving it. Their sparkle-dusted hair and makeup could've been done at Club Libby Lu. 


Prue's simple and sleek black dresses.

Prue Charmed
photo: The WB

Bonus points if there are three Prues.


All the chokers.

photo: The WB

Chokers have been seeing a major renaissance lately. Look no farther than the Halliwell sisters for inspiration on how best to rock this '90s-certified trend.


(Hey Phoebs, Britney Spears called. She wants her shirt back.)

photo: The WB

There was definitely a moment around Season 2 when Phoebe started channeling late nineties/early 'aughts Britney, and I am 100% for it. I would wear this look right now. (Also, Prue's sparkly pants are great.)


Paige's vintage wedding dress.

photo: The WB

She donned a truly exquisite 1950s-era gown for her Season 8 nuptials to Henry. They may not have been my favorite couple (*cough* Piper + Leo forever *cough cough*), but she did make the loveliest bride. 


Prue's undercover hit woman garb.

photo: The WB

If any adolescent men watched "Charmed" (did that happen?), I'm sure this leather-on-leather look was a memorable one for them. Just a theory. 


Paige's retro-glam getup, from when she sang Peggy Lee's "Fever."

I had totally forgotten Norman Reedus (a.k.a. Daryl on "The Walking Dead") was on "Charmed." Watch him be serenaded by a stunningly dolled-up Paige in this scene. 


Phoebe's Woogy-possession babe look.

Phoebe Charmed
photo: The WB

The Woogy may have been an evil, disembodied presence in the Halliwell basement, but hey, you can't deny it had good taste! This slinky red number will always be one of my favorite "Charmed" looks. 


All of their Halloween costumes, oh my word.

photo: The WB

In "All Halliwell's Eve," Phoebe dressed up as Elvira, Prue as a "nature witch," and Piper (not pictured) as Glinda the Good Witch. Per usual, Piper was definitely outshone in the fashion department (love you dear, but it's true). 


Paige's vampire getup.

Have mercy. Everything about this revealing silk gown and matching heels ensemble is flawless. 


EVERYTHING they wore in the 1920s-themed episode.

photo: The WB

The feathers! The jewel-encrusted head pieces! That knotted pearl necklace draped down Prue's back! The aesthetics in the flapper-centric "Pardon My Past" episode were simply divine, dahling.


No, but seriously... everything.

photo: The WB

So great is my love for the 1920s looks that they deserve both the #1 AND #2 slots, in my opinion. But if there's anything this list has confirmed, it's that the Halliwell sisters' style was, as the kids say, ~on fleek~ no matter the decade.