photo: Netflix

You almost definitely already know this, but "Fuller House" premiered on Netflix in its 13-episode entirety today. Shifting the focus to D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and Kimmy (Andrea Barber), who move back into the Tanner family home to raise the widowed D.J.'s sons, the reviews for the series have been ... well, not great, Bob.

"It deserves a foreclosure notice," wrote EW's Jeff Jensen. 

"'Fuller House' has nothing more to offer than a look at what an old show’s actors and format look like in the present day," added Time's Daniel D'Addario.

A quick search for "Fuller House" on Twitter still currently yields a bunch of excited '90s kids saying "can't wait to get home and binge 'Fuller House' after work!!!!!" ... but based on the Tweets I'm seeing from the critics and boob tube devotees who have already seen it, maybe they should make other plans. 

Here are some examples that made me laugh way more than anything Uncle Joey ever said on "Full House":