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Veronica Mars stole fans' hearts back in 2004, and now the show is back with its long-awaited fourth season reboot on Hulu! The teen drama series originally focused on high school detective Veronica Mars (played by Kristen Bell), who does investigative work for her father, Keith Mars (played by Erico Colantoni), the sheriff in the fictional town of Neptune, California. While Mars is used to digging up dirt on crime in her town, things get super real when her best friend, Lilly Kane, is murdered. 

The situation worsens when she and her father lock up a suspect for the crime and another person ultimately confesses to it. Keith gets fired, Veronica is outcasted by the other teens in her town, and her mom abandons them both. Ultimately, the show follows Veronica Mars as she does life-threatening detective work, mourns the unsolved death of her best friend, mourns the loss of her mom, and navigates typical high school woes. With a strong female lead, witty supporting characters, and endless plot twists — the show was a total hit. 

Now that Veronica Mars has made its grand return to Hulu, you may want to brush up on some of the best moments from the beloved show. The teens of Neptune are all grown up, but the city is more crime-ridden than ever. Ahead, you'll find the most impactful, sweet, and bizarre moments from the original three seasons of Veronica Mars, in no particular order.

If you're new to the crazy happenings of the Mars family and everyone else in Neptune, then it's the perfect time for me to say this: MAJOR. SPOILER. ALERT. 

Also: Trigger warning. This post will mention sensitive topics, particularly sexual assault and violent deaths.

Veronica Mars finally solved the case of who killed her best friend, Lilly Kane (played by Amanda Seyfried). 

Lilly Kane is kind of a flat character on Veronica Mars because we get to see her on the show, but she's actually dead before the series begins (like Ali from Pretty Little Liars). Kane was found dead with a head injury near her family's pool before the show started, but her death remained a mystery — and a constant Mars case — for nearly all of season one. For a while, Veronica's father, Keith, believed that Lilly's father, Jake Kane, was responsible for her death. It isn't until the end that Veronica Mars discovers that Lilly's killer was actually — plot twist — her ex-friend Logan Echoll's father, Aaron. Aaron and Lilly were sleeping together. Lilly had it on tape, and Aaron murdered her because he wanted the tapes back. 

Interestingly enough, Aaron never got the tapes. Instead, Veronica Mars found them hiding in Lilly's room, which was how she was able to discover that Aaron was with Lilly on the day she died. 

Oh, yes. Veronica Mars takes it there and the show went even darker than that! 

Veronica Mars also solved TWO crime mysteries in one: a bus crash and a child molestation case. 

Sigh. Where should we begin? Since season one revealed who killed Lilly Kane, it only made sense that season two would turn things up a notch with some very serious cases for Veronica Mars to solve. One of the biggest cases was a bus crash that killed several high school students. Since Mars asserted (and I concur) that nothing in the corrupt town of Neptune is ever truly an accident, she hops on the case to figure out what the rest of the story is with a bunch of injured and/or dead students. 

Veronica ultimately figures out that one of the kids from her high school, Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas (played by Kyle Gallner), is the one who caused the bus to crash, but that isn't where the tragedy ends. Veronica also uncovers the fact that Beaver caused the crash to kill two specific students and prevent them from exposing Mayor Woody Goodman for molesting them, thus outing Beaver as another one of his victims. Sigh. This was heavy, heavy stuff. 

In the same conversation with Beaver, Veronica also figured out who drugged and sexually assaulted her at a party a few years prior.

The Veronica Mars show wasn't just about drama; it was also about dealing with tons of trauma. No one does it more than Veronica herself. A flashback scene reveals that Veronica was previously drugged and raped at a party, but she had no recollection of who the person was. Veronica also contracted chlamydia from her rapists. She gets a scary lead while solving an unrelated case: It was Beaver. Yes, the same Beaver who blew up the bus and killed those students. He was encouraged by his bully of a brother to assault Mars while she was unconscious. 

While this is all very terrible stuff, a triumphant moment happens when Mars realizes it as she's talking to Beaver and calls him out on it. She nearly shoots him, but her ex-friend Logan Echolls (played by Jason Dohring) shows up and convinces her not to allow Beaver to turn her into a murderer like him. It was one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the series. 

Speaking of Veronica's frenemy Logan Echolls, fans of the show finally exhaled when the two admitted their feelings for each other in an impromptu kiss.

Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars are basically enemies for the entirety of season one. However, flashback scenes revealed that the pair used to be great friends, along with their slain friend, Lilly. They share a love-hate friendship, but it's always evident that Logan actually has feelings for Veronica. She proved that the feelings were mutual when they finally share a kiss at the end of season one. This video shows exactly what actor Jason Dohring felt about the love-hate relationship his character maintained with Mars throughout the rest of the show. 

The Veronica Mars series also lightly touched on race relations, particularly the tensions between the white and Latinx students. 

One of the underrated things about Veronica Mars series is how the show highlighted the race and class disparities in the town of Neptune. Honestly, Neptune could have been any town, and the situation would still apply. Veronica and her father Keith are white so, of course, they are privileged where race is concerned. Still, they are also detectives from the working class who take down the corrupt people in higher tax brackets, which made it easier for the town to shun them when they stumbled on the case of Veronica's dead friend, Lilly Kane. The racial and class differences also affected how students were treated in the classroom. This scene between Veronica's friend Weevil (a Latinx kid who is from the working class, played by Francis Capra) and Logan (the son of a rich man) is an interesting take on the subject. 

On a lighter note, Veronica Mars being thrown in jail was definitely one of the funnier moments on the show. 

Veronica Mars got arrested for seemingly helping an alleged killer escape from jail. She was actually falsely arrested because she didn't mean to help him escape; he tricked her. Despite being more familiar with throwing people in the slammer and not being in there herself, Veronica seemed to take being in jail a lot better than expected. She drew a jail tattoo on herself, started practicing push-ups, and even requested a pack of smokes to help herself fit in with the criminals. She was clearly being sarcastic because, as all fans of the show know, Veronica is just the last person who deserves to be in anyone's jail. All she has ever done in the city of Neptune is try to minimize the corruption. 

This isn't even a single Veronica Mars moment, but it's a worthy one because Veronica and Weevil's friendship was seriously the best. 

At first glance, Veronica (a detective) and Weevil (a member of a bike gang) may seem to have nothing in common. Still, the more they talk, the more you realize that they're both just good people from opposite sides of the tracks. They're also both super over witnessing the rich people in Neptune get away with the most heinous crap ever. Weevil turns out to be a pretty good friend to Veronica. He helps her out with her cases whenever she calls. Weevil also beat up Logan when he and Veronica were still enemies and Logan vandalized Veronica's car. Veronica, in turn, has helped to clear Weevil's name of a few crimes that he was falsely accused of. This adorable fan video shows a few sweet moments from their friendship.

Oh yeah, there's also the fun fact that Weevil is supercute... You'll enjoy Veronica Mars if for no other reason than to see him on the show being the cutest kind-hearted gang member any teen drama has ever seen. Spoiler Alert: He and Veronica never do have any romantic dealings. They're just friends to the end.

Happy Veronica Mars binge-ing!