Big Little Lies Season 3
photo: HBO

Whenever our favorite TV shows come to an end, it feels like a sad breakup — one that we don't want but know it'll be best for everyone involved. So we part peacefully and allow our hearts to heal as they may. However, every now and again, we have no forewarning of these "breakups," and we sit waiting for our significant other to return until we suddenly realize that they won't. 

That's just about how everyone is feeling right now upon hearing rumors that the HBO hit show Big Little Lies will not be returning for a third season after next Sunday's season finale. And while the news is heartbreaking, the reasoning is one we all should have seen coming sooner or later.

We have sad news, everyone.

The likelihood of a Big Little Lies season three is looking bleak. After two successful whirlwind bouts, the HBO favorite will more than likely not be returning next year. And while this is not 100% verified, sources are chatting, and word on the street is that this Sunday's episode will be its last. 

But the reasoning behind the alleged cancellation unfortunately makes perfect sense. 

According to The Daily Mail, a "show boss" from HBO named Casey Bloys said the caliber of the show's actresses is just a bit too high, therefore making it difficult to ensure that everyone on the cast can commit to another season. 

"The reality is, they are some of the busiest actresses working in Hollywood. I just think it's not realistic," he said. However, Bloys also stated that he'll be doing everything in his power to make it happen. 

Needless to say, fans aren't happy. 

People are mad — Renata-level mad — at the thought of not having the show to hang on to every Sunday. And we must admit, weekends won't even be close to the same without BLL to tune into. 

"If we don’t get season 3 of big little lies i will literally destroy every piece of electronic i have and pretend tv doesn’t exist," an angry fan of the show tweeted. 

But how can all these problems be solved in one episode?

Even if this news is true, we can't think of any feasible way to wrap up all the drama in just one more episode. Like, come on, Bonnie is on the verge of breaking, Renata just found out her husband is cheating, Mary Louise has yet to be cross-examined by Celeste... it's all too much. Will we simply be left with a slew of unanswered questions?

"So are we getting season 3 of big little lies or not bc there are so many problems going on there is no way they can resolve it all by next weeks ep," another person tweeted. 

There may be hope, though.

This may be a reach, but bare with us. It looks like Gwyneth Paltrow has recently began following Nicole Kidman on Instagram. Perhaps she'll be added to the cast? Maybe as Celeste's long-lost, drama-stirring sister? 

Whatever the outcome, we're appreciative for the Big Little Lies era. It's become a time in TV history that will never be forgotten. 

It's all extremely heartbreaking. 

How can the cast do this us? String us on emotionally for the past two seasons just to leave us high and dry. 

"So help me god if there isn’t a season 3 of BLL when I patiently sat through the absolute trash tornado that was season 8 of GOT waiting for HBO to get their [redacted] together I will lose it #BigLittleLies," a fan wrote. 

No matter how long we have to wait, we will wait.

"How are they ever going to tie all of this up with only one more episode? OMG can we please please please have a season 3. I wait all day for this show," a sad viewer wrote on Twitter.

Even if it's a whole year and a half from now, if that's how long it takes for the star-studded cast to come back together to complete another season, that's how long we'll wait.