The Starz series "American Gods" isn't playing around with its sex scenes.  

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"Americans Gods" is a new television show that centers on an ex-con named Shadow Moon who becomes the bodyguard of a powerful deity — and only 25 minutes into the first episode, "American Gods" delivers an epic sexual feast.

One character — a goddess named Bilquis — has sex with a man she discovered on the internet. As she orgasms, she literally devours him into her vagina, killing off her helpless partner in the midst of their sexual encounter.

That's right — there is now a character on television who kills men by sucking them into her vagina while they have sex.

American Gods sex scene
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Bilquis is officially my role model.

Bilquis' sex scene is one of the most famous passages in the original "American Gods" novel by Neil Gaiman.

But in the book, Bilquis is a prostitute and the man is a stranger appropriately named "John."

Gaiman wrote:

"He feels a lurch, and it seems to him that he is hanging, head down, although the pleasure continues. He opens his eyes. ... He is inside her to the chest, and as he stares at this in disbelief and wonder she rests both hands upon his shoulders and puts gentle pressure on his body. He slips further inside her. ... He feels the lips of her vulva tight around his upper chest and back, constricting and enveloping him. He wonders what this would look like to somebody watching them. He wonders why he is not scared. And then he knows."

On the show, Bilquis represents a version of the Queen of Sheba who gathers her power through sex.

When men worship Bilquis, she's able to draw power from their devotion. 

Yetide Badaki — the actress who plays Bilquis — found the "vagina killer" scene especially empowering.

Bilquis Yetide Badaki sex scene
photo: Starz

Badaki read the original novel when it was first published in 2001, but actually playing the role of Bilquis gave that iconic scene a whole new meaning.

“The first time I came across that scene, I was like, ‘I don’t know what just happened!’ but it was giving me life," Badaki revealed at an "American Gods" press event in April. "It was just mind-blowing. And it resonated. I couldn’t quite put words to it at that time. It makes you feel. And nobody has a ‘meh’ reaction to it. There’s a reaction — a strong very one.” 

“I was in tears by the end of it. To have this sense of incredible power… I had not seen sex owned by a woman in that way, and it was incredibly empowering.” 

She hopes Bilquis inspires women to reclaim ownership of their own sex lives.

“Often you see stuff done ‘to us’ as opposed to someone owning it," Badaki added. "There’s no apologies about it. I found that incredibly freeing. [There have] been a lot of women reaching out. It’s been a fascinating journey in that way and I think a lot of interesting conversations are starting. It’s about time."

Check out the official trailer for "American Gods" below:

You can catch season one (and Bilquis' groundbreaking sex scene) on Starz