"This Is Us"
photo: NBC

This Is Us is notorious for pulling at heartstrings and turning even the hardest hearts among us into complete mush. 

One of the reasons the show has resonated with audiences so strongly in its four seasons is its relatability for families of diverse identities. Many fans feel they can see themselves in the characters, both in their best and worst moments. In a recent episode, Kate (Chrissy Metz) has an awkward moment in a restaurant that made many people feel totally seen. 

Metz has spoken about how she relates to her character on the show, and told People that this episode featured a part of Kate's story that she deeply resonated with. The actor replied to fans' tweets, starting a conversation about self-image and others' perceptions based on outward appearances. 

Metz shared an image from the episode to her Instagram, concerning an awkward moment that had to do with the size of a restaurant booth. 

"A picture is worth a thousand words," she wrote ahead of the episode on Tuesday. 

Kate's husband, Toby (Chris Sullivan), had an important business meeting at a restaurant, and he asked his wife to join him. When Kate arrived at the restaurant, she is struck with the sight of a newly fit Toby looking trim in his fancy suit; but let it be noted she looked stunning in a flowing floral dress. 

As the hostess guided the couple and their guests to a booth, Toby hurriedly and casually asked to be moved to a table with chairs instead, because of a draft. When that request was denied, Kate stepped in and told the host it was because she wouldn't be able to fit into a booth that small. 

"He's actually asking because I can't fit in the booth. I should come with a label, right? May contain uncomfortable moments," she said. 

Metz responded to one fan's tweet about their own experience with "the booth nightmare." 

One person on Twitter felt seen by the character's experience. "Chrissy, I wish I had your courage. I live the booth nightmare. There are days I have wished myself get hit by a bus rather than deal with the embarrassment horrible people have done to me over it," they wrote. 

Metz understood, and replied, "Your weight does not define you! People’s perceptions are theirs. You are worthy and purposeful no matter what." Her response sparked a flood of more tweets from people who have also experienced that exact same moment. 

"Chrissy. You are a role model for all us big girls. I have had that booth experience many times," one person wrote. 

And another person tweeted, "Fat people are the only people that it's still OK to discriminate against! The booth, the airplane seat, the car, the movies, the dressing room, and the dreaded white plastic chair at the BBQ. Be NOT ashamed! Being BIG is not a crime!"

Sweet, precious, do-no-wrong, Lonnie Chavis tweeted about the dilemma too.

Chavis, who plays young Randall Pearson, supported his co-star and those who might have felt uncomfortable in a restaurant before, too. "My mom just asked for a table at a restaurant yesterday because the booth was too small. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! Love you mom! #ThisIsUs," he wrote. 

No one should be made to feel uncomfortable for what they look like, and spaces should accommodate people of all identities. 

Now people are coming forward that they're over the booth altogether. 

"Booths are overrated anyway. #ThisIsUs," one person tweeted during the episode. 

Metz's character has struggled to embrace her curves throughout the series, and moments like the one in the restaurant set her back even further. But after a sweet conversation with Toby about getting healthy for their newborn son, she decides to take steps to control her overeating habits, which are a symptom of her overall mental health and a coping mechanism.