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That time Reinhart tried to play it cool and claimed she wasn't starstruck by Sprouse when she first met him.

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When W Magazine asked Reinhart about her first impression of Sprouse, Reinhart claimed she barely remembered their initial encounter.

"It's funny, I don’t really remember having an opinion on Cole, to be honest," Reinhart breezily remarked. 

But fans saw right through Reinhart's dismissive response.


That time Reinhart got *very* protective over her private life.

In October, Reinhart went on a Tumblr rant about fans who are way too invested in her love life.

But rather than silence the gossip, fans started questioning what Reinhart was trying to hide.


That time Reinhart basically uploaded a photo of her and Sprouse making out.

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OK, so Reinhart actually posted a ~sexy~ throwback Archie cartoon of her character on "Riverdale" kissing Sprouse's character.

But still. The cartoon totally hyped up fans (and that was probably Reinhart's intention!).