*This post contains spoilers for the May 12 episode of Game of Thrones.

As always, Game of Thrones is divisive this week. In a chilling episode, Daenerys Targaryen fulfilled a destiny most did not see coming. 

Daenerys' violence and ruthless temper has been hinted at throughout the series, but some fans thought her destruction of King's Landing was a rushed buildup that was sexist in nature. Other watchers thought that the moment was inevitable and were waiting for her to snap.

With only one episode left, fans are on the edge of their seats to see how the near-decade-long series will finally come to a close.

Everyone's favorite underdog went from hero to villain in a snap. 

Daenerys has always had an inclination toward violence. Her house words are "fire and blood" after all. But, fans have always seen Daenerys as a just ruler who fought for the lives of the innocent. All of that seemed to change in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.

The dragon queen snapped at the sound of King's Landing ringing the bells and surrendering. She took her final dragon and laid waste to the city that symbolized everything she and her family lost. 

Some fans felt the fan-favorite character didn't deserve a turn toward the dark side this late in the game. "The moment when your favorite character turns into [a] hated character...," one user wrote. 

Fans took to Twitter to air their feelings. The response was mixed, with some people commending the writing. 

Daenerys's character arc is one that has had so many hints toward this ending, but to watch it come to fruition is disappointing overall. The white-haired ruler has had moments of madness and violence throughout the series, and in the end that side overtook her. 

One person on Twitter thought her narrative was a truly interesting human story. "It’s actually quite interesting, you fall in love with a character and watch her grow and watch how amazing she is, and then you watch her succumb to her most darkest desires and thoughts, it shows just how human she is and makes for an interesting story."

Some thought the episode was downright sexist. 

Most of the pushback for the episode is from fans finding the character's shift misogynistic. Daenerys has always dealt with her enemies in a ruthless way, but when it comes to her love for the innocent, she has remained steadfast. 

By turning Daenerys into the Mad Queen, a moniker derived from her father King Aerys Targaryen, or the Mad King, who burnt down King's Landing years prior, some fans think it's a cheap way to call Daenerys "crazy."

One person on Twitter pointed this out, "Everyone on here talking about 'the signs,' as if a woman being angry, cold, and fierce to her abusers and enemies is foreshadowing for madness. Check yourselves, the misogyny is showing." 

Mum's the word, of course, but Emilia Clarke couldn't help but post a selfie following the episode. 

Emilia Clarke posted a picture of herself holding a huge bottle of champagne in her bald cap with a screaming expression. It basically sums up all of our reactions following the episode. 

"This is what it took not only to shoot ep5...but to watch it too! #@gameofthrones @hbo #soshockingitblewmywigoff #" Clarke wrote. I'm sure no one was as surprised as the actor in regards to her character's demise. 

This clip provides a clue to how the actor feels about her character's ending. 

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Clarke, Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), and Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) were asked about their thoughts on shooting their characters' final scenes. 

"Have you shot your final scenes yet, and are you happy with how things ended?"

Emilia Clarke scoffed and sarcastically responded, "Best season ever." Anderson laughed along with her, while Emmanuel tried to do some damage control: "It's the best. It's the best season ever." 

Game of Thrones has been under fire for its lack of representation in the show, and when Emmanuel's character died in chains during this season's fourth episode, it left a lasting impression. Emmanuel posted a statement with her thoughts on being the only woman of color featured in a primary role on the show. 

Now that Daenerys' character, who was a feminist icon for years, has been diminished to the "crazy woman in power" trope, fans are concerned about the final episode. And, from the clip above, it would appear that so are these cast members. 

Fans were disappointed that they didn't get a final face-off between these two enemies. 

Another character's ending was shocking to most fans. While most expected a fiery stand-off between the two powerhouses, it was disappointing to miss out on the villainous comments the two could have made to one another. 

One fan on Twitter hoped for a more complete ending between the two characters. "We deserved to see cersei and daenerys confronting each other. i wanted to finally see them face to face discussing power and what have brought them both to that moment. 2 women leading the final game as they were supposed to. the final reckoning. we have been R O B B E D." 

It was deeply concerning to fans of the characters to have such an abrupt shift. 

When Arya plunged the dagger into the Night King, and Sansa showed off her powerful ruling capabilities, fans of the show were hopeful for feminism to finally come through in the Game of Thrones universe. Unfortunately, in the latest episode, sexist tropes stood out. 

"So, the end of the Game has two WOMEN fighting for the Throne (the one time in Westerosi history) and HBO has to destroy them both? Sexist pigs. #GameofThrones," one fan posted on Twitter, revealing their disappointment. 

While everyone was waiting for the end to the evil Cersei, to see both iconic feminist women diminished in a single episode was jarring. 

Some people didn't think it fit with her character's narrative.

From the beginning, Daenerys has always fought for the innocent. True, she has had a violent temper, but never has taking the lives of innocent people been a motive in her conquests. She has shown she can be cold and ruthless and will stop at nothing to end up as ruler. 

One person on Twitter found this scene that exemplified Daenerys' virtuous nature: "'If you want to sit on the throne your ancestors built you must win it. that will mean blood on your hands' 'the blood of my enemies, not the blood of innocents' this is the real daenerys targaryen #GameofThrones."

Many think this episode sets up Jon Snow's rise to power, which fans think would be another step backward. 

Daenerys and Jon have both been equal contenders for the Iron Throne since the beginning of the series, but to now have Jon come out as the ultimate hero while Daenerys is the "mad" woman in power is leading some fans to think the writing has taken a sexist turn. 

One popular tweet reads, "They had to assassinate daenerys' character to make jon the hero in the end when he kills her. sounds sexist. but okay!"

Ultimately, the character shift felt rushed to most.

Throughout the seasons, Daenerys has proven she has qualities similar to her father, the Mad King. But she has actively tried to keep those feelings at bay. Most fans are frustrated by the lack of buildup to this outburst. 

"For the record, I'm not at ALL surprised by Daenerys the Mad Queen, and have, in fact, expected it for years. I just can't believe they didn't build up to it better than...this. #GameofThrones," one fan noted.

In another tweet on this thread, the user pointed out the frustratingly sexist notion of wild hair and lack of makeup to symbolize her chaotic demise. "Can we talk about how irritating is that they're using lack of makeup and scraggly hair to indicate that Daenerys is now 'crazy'? Try harder, y'all."