Disney is doing its part to teach kids the importance of inclusivity at an early age.

The children's network recently aired a same-sex kiss on a new episode of its Disney XD show, "Star vs. the Forces of Evil."

Disney same sex kiss
photo: Disney XD

Actually, the network aired many same-sex kisses.

In the "Just Friends" episode, the main characters go to a concert featuring the hottest new boy band. In true boy-band fashion, the crowd is completely captivated by the five dancing dudes. Their vocals combined with their killer moves make the atmosphere so ~romantic~ that everyone feels compelled to grab the nearest person for a smooch.

A quick pan of the concert venue shows many different couples kissing — including several same-sex couples.

Disney same sex kiss
photo: Disney XD

That's right — a Disney children's cartoon featured a multi-person makeout session.

The scene marks the first time Disney has ever shown same-sex cartoon characters kissing.

And LGBTQ representation is important, especially in children's shows.

The more the entertainment industry shows LGBTQ couples interacting and embracing, the earlier young people will internalize and normalize same-sex relationships. 

Scenes like the one in the "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" episode also send a comforting message to young kids who've realized from an early age that they have same-sex attractions. They see firsthand that they aren't alone, and that there isn't anything "strange" or "wrong" about their feelings. 

Disney for the win!

photo: Disney XD

And if the amazingly inclusive same-sex kisses weren't enough to make you a "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" fan, check out this boy band. They give off total Backstreet Boys vibes.

Watch the history-making scene in the clip below: