There are a lot of beloved Halloween traditions: sharing ghost stories, carving pumpkins, devouring candy, Googling costume ideas for weeks before digging up a pair of cat ears and calling it a day.... but none are as sacred as Halloween TV movies.

Forget going to the theater to watch a cursed doll stare blankly from the shadows or a maniacal killer hack off body parts. The best Halloween movies are found on ABC Family and Disney Channel, and the cream of the crop is "Hocus Pocus." And now, after years of begging, we're finally getting MORE "HOCUS POCUS."

hocus pocus sanderson sisters
photo: Disney

The Disney Channel has heard our pleas and is developing a "Hocus Pocus" remake.

Deadline describes it as "a reimagining of the 1993 cult classic Walt Disney feature." That means it'll probably follow the same storyline, which features the three Sanderson sisters, witches who are resurrected in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts.

It's in the early stages of development, with no word on a release date yet.

Unfortunately, it'll feature an all-new cast.

We know, we know. Can anyone really top Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy? 

Kenny Ortega, the original director (who you may also know from the "High School Musical" movies), will not be returning, either.

Sure, it's not the sequel we REALLY wanted. But a remake could be a lot of fun, mixing new laughs with nostalgia.

And hey, maybe the original Sanderson sisters can make a cameo appearance? Pleaaaase?

If all else fails, at least we have the original to cherish.