Any naysayers to Disney's upcoming streaming service Disney+ will be converted after seeing the list of movies and series headed to the platform at its opening. 

Before its launch, Disney+ has already won the so-called "streaming wars" with its equal mix of nostalgia and new content. Disney just dropped a three-hour video to its YouTube channel detailing everything coming in November. And as someone who grew up in the golden Disney Channel generation, I am most excited for all of the Disney Channel Original Movies headed our way. 

Scroll through for a trip down memory lane of all of the best movies that will be back on television screens once again. 

This three-hour video tells you basically everything coming to the platform on November 12. 

If you have the time, watch this near-complete collection of everything coming to the service when it launches on November 12. There's so much from Disney classics like Snow White and Pinocchio to Disney Channel favorites like The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or High School Musical. Plus, there is so much new content coming out that is luring in viewers on a daily basis. 

You can bet there will be Disney Channel Original Movies. 

The service's social media accounts know their audience, and are well aware that everyone is dying to see their favorite childhood movies once again. In a Twitter thread, the service spelled out so many of the classic DCOM's, and some of them I had completely forgotten about. Holiday favorites like The Ultimate Christmas Present, empowering girl-boss movies like Motocrossed or Double Teamed, fantasy films like The Luck of the Irish, or Twitches and its sequel Twitches Too.  

Scroll through this Twitter thread for a trip down memory lane. 

If only the service was already available, because I've been dying to see spooky season classics like the Halloweentown movies. 

In Disney Channel's prime, they had some spectacularly spooky films like the Halloweentown ones, or Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire. If only the streaming service had dropped one month earlier, then we would have been able to see these scary classics. Luckily, though, there are tons in store for Christmas time. 

There's a Disney Channel Original Movie for every generation. 

From the latest DCOMs like Descendants or Descendants 2 all the way back to classics like Pixel Perfect or The Color of Friendship, there is a movie for all ages to relate to. Disney has created a streaming service for kids and kids-at-heart. 

Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 are quintessential examples of the DCOM. 

Music, celebrity, a little bit of romance, and tons of drama equals one perfect DCOM. Camp Rock dropped during Disney Channel's golden era with stars like the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus reaching ultimate success. So of course this would be one that fans of the network look back on most fondly. 

Necessary throwbacks, like all of the Cheetah Girls movies, are also popping up. 

Before there was Camp Rock or High School Musical, there was the Cheetah Girls. Inspiring Halloween costumes everywhere, the four besties ended up in three movies based on the pop sensation girl group.