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Today (November 8) is Election Day, and if you haven't already chosen which candidate you're going to vote for, there's probably nothing any of us can say at this point to convince you one is better than the other.

But what if... George R.R. Martin tried to convince you?

The "A Song Of Ice And Fire" author campaigned for Hillary Clinton this past weekend in in New Mexico, saying in a later blog post of Trump that "In my lifetime, there has never been a presidential candidate more unfit to lead this nation. [...] [He] has said the vilest things any presidential candidate has said since George Wallace, and he's rising in the polls."

Martin would know a thing or two about ineffectual tyrants — he created one in Joffrey Baratheon, the terrible boy-king of Westeros. And when you think about it, both Joffrey and Trump have a lot in common:


First of all, they definitely both go to the same hair colorist.

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They both inherited all of their power and wealth from Daddy.

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Neither of them are particularly kind to women.

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Their lackeys hate them with a despondent passion but can’t say anything about it.

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“Fuck the king,” Paul Ryan whispers quietly to himself, eyes brimming over. 


They’ve both publicly made fun of specific physically disabled people.

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They both have the support of an ambitious, widely-hated blonde woman who excuses everything they do wrong no matter how monstrous it is.

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Both women are also known recently for bombing real hard. Hey-yo! 


Their public events have a tendency to erupt in violence.

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They have both expressed an interest in permanently silencing their political enemies.

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Accepting the apology of a "traitor" and then backtracking and beheading him despite the political ramifications seems like a pretty Trump move, NGL. Ted Cruz should probably watch himself. 


And finally, if all goes well hopefully they'll be known as nothing but a horrible footnote on the path to a woman's ascension to power.

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