*This post contains spoilers for the February 27 episode of Riverdale.*

The Farm is out of control, y'all. For those of you unaware, The Farm, one of the main sources of turmoil on this season of Riverdale, is a local cult that's been "looking after" Penny Cooper and has recently earned the trust of Alice Cooper (uh, Smith?) as well. Betty Cooper's mom is in so deep, in fact, that she allowed herself to be "baptized" into The Farm on this week's episode — and it almost led to her sudden death.

Despite how ubiquitous the cult has become both in the town and in the show itself, we still have yet to meet or even see its illustrious leader, Edgar Evernever. The creators of Riverdale have already announced that early '00s heartthrob Chad Michael Murray has been cast to play the ~hot cult daddy~ role, and now it's just a matter of waiting until he makes his long-awaited debut.

According to Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty, that debut is coming way sooner than anyone had anticipated. And he's going to cause some serious trouble for everyone involved. We cannot wait.