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Fleabag was a hit at the Emmys this year — and on Halloween, too, it seems. 

The British comedy from the mind of Phoebe Waller-Bridge lent itself perfectly to some great costumes. Specifically, Fleabag's sister Claire's god-awful haircut and Fleabag and Hot Priest couples costume were some of the standouts. 

Sian Clifford, who plays Claire, gave fans a shout-out for dressing up. Plus, the show's Twitter account showed support by retweeting and asking to see fans' best costumes. 

"I look like a pencil" might be the single greatest line to come out of the comedy series. 

On Twitter, James Besanvalle showed off his perfect comparison and tagged Clifford in the post. "I looked like a pencil for Halloween @SiansUniverse," he tweeted. And she responded, "AAAAAAAAA!! Tell me there are more of you." The cast would come to find tons of imitations as people shared their looks on social media. 

One person had an extremely detailed costume of the show's poster. 

"The key is to dress up as an extremely specific thing and then have to explain what you are to people all night. Anyway I sewed and hot glued till my fingers bled because I love Halloween and Fleabag," they tweeted along with their costume side-by-side with the series poster. Fleabag's Twitter account retweeted the post.

This person dressed up as Phoebe Waller-Bridge at the Emmys.

Waller-Bridge won two Emmys this year for the series: Outstanding Comedy Series and Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. So she deserved to be turned into a Halloween costume this year. One person showed up in a stunning dress that looked exactly like Waller-Bridge's, and tweeted, "In perhaps my most ambitious costume ever this year, I was my queen phoebe waller-bridge at the Emmys @fleabag."

The iconic pencil haircut also inspired an on-point pumpkin carving. 

Not only did Clifford's moment in the show inspire some hilarious costumes, but it also influenced a hilarious carved pumpkin. "Pumpkin carving at work and mine looks like a pencil. cc: @SiansUniverse," one person tweeted along with their picture. 

One of the gory moments from the series was the first episode in season two, and it inspired many re-creations. 

Fleabag's Twitter account requested fans send in their best costume photos. "This is everything. Show us your foxiest #Fleabag costumes for Halloween!" the tweet read. One person dressed in Fleabag's plunging, black jumpsuit after the family fistfight. The bloody mouth and cigarette tie it all together. 

Fleabag and Hot Priest were the hottest couple's costume this year by far. 

This is a perfect Halloween costume for those who needed a last-minute idea. Most of Fleabag's clothes could be re-created from anyone's closet, and Hot Priest just needed a Priest-inspired shirt. This couple nailed it and tweeted, "Happy Halloween from Fleabag and Hot Priest."

The scariest costume of all is the fox, which was Hot Priest's greatest irrational fear. 

This person made it clear that they were a fox from Fleabag thanks to a name tag that reads "Looking for Hot Priest." Then the show's Twitter account replied, "You gave Father quite a fright. #Fleabag." The Priest, played by Andrew Scott, quickly took on the moniker Hot Priest from fans. 

The canned gin and tonic is also a necessary prop. 

Hot Priest and Fleabag often drink canned gin and tonics together, calling it a "proper drink." This couple had all of the best props, including a stuffed Hillary, the guinea pig. "Learned two things from our @fleabag Halloween Costume experience. Love for the show is STRONG and in America, it costs $14 for a four-pack of canned G&T. We deserve better!"