Brienne of Tarth in "Game of Thrones" season eight
photo: HBO

The final season of Game of Thrones had fans split, but one thing was certain: Brienne of Tarth, played by Gwendoline Christie, had one of the best character arcs of the series. 

Brienne went from leading a life of serving other people to living solely for herself. Gwendoline Christie's character was a feminist icon throughout the entirety of the series and luckily made it through to the brutal end

Christie's portrayal of Brienne's newfound independence and womanhood gave the character more depth; she grew so much in just one season that it would only make sense that she receive a nomination for her hard work. HBO didn't seem to think so, however, and didn't submit her for consideration. 

There are no hard feelings, though, and self-submitting is actually a pretty common practice, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Christie became one of the four Game of Thrones women to be nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category. Plus Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy) and Carice Van Houten (Melisandre) also picked up noms after submitting themselves, too. 

Gwendoline Christie was beyond thrilled at the news that she had actually been nominated for an Emmy — a rare occurrence for self-submitted applicants. 

Christie shared a screenshot of the email that announced her nomination to Instagram. She captioned the post, "I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!????!?!!?!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #EmmyAwards #CANITTRULYBEREAL?" 

The excited star holds one of the record-breaking 32 nominations for the HBO fantasy series this year. 

The final season allowed Brienne of Tarth to grow as a woman and a warrior. 

Brienne of Tarth was both knighted in season eight and fell in love — that swiftly led to heartbreak; it is Game of Thrones after all. Christie's character arc from her first episode to the series finale was one of the strongest on the show, and her portrayal was admirable. 

In an interview prior to season eight's premiere she shared some insight into Brienne's season eight change. "What I'm really happy about is that we've seen Brienne develop in many different ways, but now what we see is Brienne the woman — making her own choices and taking control of her life and responding to her own wants and desires, rather than just being in service of someone else. And, I think that that is powerful and necessary," she said.

Her nomination has many wondering how HBO could choose to not submit on behalf of this incredible actor. 

Some people are scratching their heads at why Christie had to self-submit as opposed to being one of HBO's choices, but its a more complicated process than one would think. The series has so many lead characters that it was hard to limit down the choices. It decided to submit the actors in  bigger roles such as Sophie Turner, Lena Heady, and Masie Williams. 

Luckily, Christie was recognized by the Emmy board and became one of the four GOT ladies to nab a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Of the six nominees for Best Supporting Actress, four are Game of Thrones stars. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, was also nominated in the Best Actress category, 

E! News shared the news to Twitter, "Your #Emmys nominees for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series are:

Gwendoline Christie
Julia Garner
Lena Headey
Fiona Shaw
Sophie Turner
Maisie Williams"

One fan account shared Christie's reaction as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

"Playing Brienne of Tarth has truly been an honor, and I am beyond grateful for this nomination. This character has changed my life and redefined the way I look at the world, women and particularly myself. Thank you to George R.R. Martin, David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, Carolyn Strauss, HBO and our incredible cast and crew. Lastly, apologies to my taxi driver who endured my screams, sobs and pure joy when getting this incredible news!" Christie said. 

The growth that she displayed as an actor was clear, and her character was beloved by so many. 

One fan account shared images of the actor along with a poignant quote. 

The tweet reads, "'This character has been very impactful in my life and in the way I think about women and in the way they’re portrayed in the media and the way they’re treated in society. Playing Brienne has challenged many of my beliefs and has been really resonate.' — Gwendoline Christie"

Fans and friends were incredibly supportive of the actor, especially because she had the gumption to submit herself. 

Julie DiCaro, a writer and podcaster, tweeted, "HBO didn't submit Gwendoline Christie for an Emmy so she submitted herself and got a nomination. Be your own biggest cheerleader." 

One commenter joked in a reply with a clip from the final episode, "So that’s what she was writing..."