Game of Thrones, whether you like it or not, is just a few short days away from airing its final episode ever (well, kind of, if you don't count its planned spinoff series too). Over the course of its eighth and final season, the show has left its millions of viewers across the globe shocked, awed, and in some hilarious circumstances, completely disgusted.

For one, it was unexpectedly revealed that Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow (who have, you know, bumped uglies) are actually related (Jon's actually her nephew). Then the Battle of Winterfell happened, and Arya Stark delighted most and disgruntled a few when she ended up being the one to finally kill the Night King. Much more alarming to viewers, though, is that in the most recent episode, Daenerys just... well, she snapped, and now she's basically the show's core villain, seemingly out of nowhere.

Needles to say, the franchise's biggest fans are feeling confused and distraught, so much so that viewer ratings of the show plummeted to the lowest they've ever been. This week, fans are taking things one step further to correct what they call "bad writing." Yep, they started a petition, and it's gaining traction very quickly.