game of thrones finale
photo: HBO

The Game of Thrones saga has come to a close, and fans took to Twitter to air their grievances at the series' end. 

While the series finale wrapped up some key elements, like who would end up ruling in the end, there were still plenty of questions left unanswered. Most of the actors posted farewells to their social media accounts, and Emilia Clarke revealed to The New Yorker how she felt when she read the details of her character's demise.

It's difficult to please everyone in a series as divisive as Game of Thrones, but fans overall were pretty upset with the final season and the series finale.

With all that talk of prophecies, where was Arya's green-eyed kill?

Some fans were less than thrilled at Maisie Williams' character closure. When part of Melisandre's prophecy was fulfilled in the third episode of the season, some detective work  insinuated that Arya would have one more kill before the series' end. "Did Arya even shut someone eyes that were green by the end of the season? All that set up and no pay off." 

When there was no final kill for Arya in the final episode, fans expressed frustration at the plot hole. However, a few people pointed out that an earlier Arya kill — Petyr Baelish — had green eyes in the books. 

There were a few empty seats at the King's table, but do those slots even need to be filled?

Toward the end of the episode, Tyrion told the newly crowned King Bran that he'd fill a few empty seats at the King's table. One of those spots being the Master of Whisperers, previously held by Lord Varys. This role keeps up with the secrets and news of the kingdoms, but a few people pointed out that Bran's abilities as the three-eyed raven left that role a little unnecessary. 

"Also, why does Bran need a Master of Whisperers? He’s the three-eyed-raven did anyone read this script? #gameofthrones #got"

If all of the White Walkers are gone, then what exactly is the purpose of the Night's Watch?

Jon Snow was sent back to the Night's Watch after killing his Queen, Daenerys. Even though it was justified, Daenerys' loyal followers wanted Jon to be punished for the crime. As a compromise, Jon was to be sent back to the Wall. But now that their enemy to the North is defeated, what is there to watch exactly? "Wt* is there to 'watch' at the Wall?" one person asked on Twitter.

The final scene of the episode shows Jon venturing beyond the Wall with the Wildlings, showing that he probably had no intention of staying at the Wall anyway.

Sure, there are thousands of Unsullied soldiers, but it seemed illlogical for there to be that many left after Drogon torched an entire city and battlefield. 

By the end of the series it seemed as if the Unsullied and Dothraki army remained untouched. Through the countless battles that these warriors had seen, it's highly illogical that their numbers would be so high in the last episode. "Ok but how were there still so many Unsullied & dothrakis... #GameofThrones." Even in a fantasy show where dragons exist without question, fans couldn't let this plot hole stand. 

Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted yet another rogue modern beverage in the GOT universe. 

The cherry on top of an overall disappointing season was this second rogue drink that people were rolling their eyes over. Earlier in the season a Starbucks coffee cup was left in a shot, and this time a branded water bottle was spotted by Samwell Tarley's feet. "First Starbucks now a water bottle this show is a joke...," one person wrote on Twitter about the mistake. 

Some of the most confusing parts of the series were the mythology of the Thrones universe. 

Throughout the series there were mentions of various spirits, religions, and mythologies. In the final season, fans hope to get answers to their questions about important figures like the Lord of Light and the Azor Ahai (aka the Prince/Princess who was promised). There were no real moments of wrap-up, and people on Twitter attacked the writers for leaving such important themes unearthed. One viewer lamented:

"Things I will die wondering about: 

- The Three Eyed Raven
- Azor Ahai
- The Faceless Men
- The Lord of Light
- Children of the Forest
- The Drowned God" 

Fans assumed that the Stark siblings would stick together and heed their father's lesson that "the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives," but they would be wrong.

At the end of the series, the Starks go their separate ways. Sansa becomes the Queen in the North, Bran is Ruler of the (now) Six Kingdoms, Jon is off to live beyond the Wall with the Wildlings, and Arya is exploring what's west of Westeros. 

One fan on Twitter wrote, "'a girl is arya stark of winterfell, and im going home' and once i get there im going to proceed to abandoning my family because yolo the west of westeros has never been explored, americas here i come."

It seemed strange that Arya made such a show of returning back to her roots, only to leave again. Now some fans are hoping for a spinoff featuring Arya's exploration. Unfortunately, this is unlikely as Maisie Williams has said she wants out of the film industry for the time being.

Jon's Targaryen lineage turned out to have very little significance in the end. 

While Jon Snow's Targaryen status is part of what turned Daenerys dark, in the end it didn't truly matter. Some people questioned what the importance of revealing that lineage when it didn't hold any significance by the end of the series. Specifically, why did Bran want everyone to know Jon was a Targaryen if Bran (who supposedly knows everything) knew he'd end up ruling in the end regardless. 

One person on Twitter wrote: "Why did Bran want everyone to know Jon’s ancestry? Why did the writers set up Jon for Azor Ahai prophecy (born of salt and smoke, sword plunged into heart of the one you love)?" 

Brienne writing Jaime's story in the book of knights instead of her own was a huge letdown. 

One frustrating detail in the Game of Thrones finale was the lack of women represented as rulers. Other than Sansa, the rulers of Westeros once again was a table full of men surrounding Bran. 

The newly knighted Brienne is the only woman at the table, and even she wasn't given much of a voice in the final episode. One fan on Twitter pointed out how frustrating it was that she gave Jaime a biography in the knights' history book instead of writing out her own story. "'WRITE YOUR OWN NAME IN THE BOOK!!' - screamed every woman," one person on Twitter wrote. 

The White Walker spirals were hinted at throughout the whole series and weren't given a single thought in the finale. 

One of the biggest stones left unturned in the final season were the infamous spirals. The White Walker symbolism was hinted at in the first episode and in the final season, but absolutely no answers were given. "So we're just never going to learn what those weird White Walker spiral patterns were?" 

These questions are just part of what makes Game of Thrones so frustrating and what keeps fans gripped. Here's hoping that any future Game of Thrones content (books or spinoffs) reveal these snippets of information that fans are still searching for.