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 Warning! Major spoilers ahead.

The anticipation leading up to Game of Thrones season eight, episode three was intense. The week before the episode aired, fans were building theories for how they thought the battle would go down: Would the corpses in the crypt rise when the Night King arrived? Hint: True. Who would deliver the final blow? Hint: not who you were thinking. And, who would be left standing? Hint: more than expected. 

The entire series has been building up to this fight between the living and the dead. Even though the living won this battle, they lost some friends (and enemies) along the way. 

As per usual, the internet reacted accordingly. Actors and fans of the show flocked to social media to say their goodbyes when their favorite characters joined the Night King's army. 

Theon Grayjoy had a character arc. 

Sophie Turner posted this shot of Theon (Alfie Allen) from his final scene in the series. Theon started out as an annoying brother type to the Stark family, then became quite possibly the most hated man in the series, then the most pitied, and, finally, a "good man." Tears, all of the tears. 

Turner wrote a goodbye caption: "To Alfie and to Theon... 'You’re a good man.'"

The latest (and possibly last) Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Eddison Tollett died saving a friend. 

Twitter is not having it with Samwell Tarley's "heroic" efforts. True, Sam had every good intention to stand with his friends and brothers and fight the dead, but his lack of fighting skills landed one of his oldest and best friends, Eddison Tollett (Ben Crompton), with a sword right through the back of the head. And now his watch is ended. 

Emilia Clarke posted an in memoriam for her character's most loyal friend (emphasis on friend). 

Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) died protecting the woman he loved, Daenerys Targaryen. Clarke posted the most adorable smiling selfie with Glen in costume. Everyone was heartbroken to watch Ser Jorah die in Dany's arms, but also couldn't help but poke fun at the unrequited love. 


Another person tweeted, "RIP Ser Jorah Mormont / Lord of the Friendzone / President, VP, Secretary, & Treasurer of the Khaleesi Fan Club: He died as he lived, serving a woman who didn’t deserve him."

The bravest warrior of all is 13-year-old Lyanna Mormont, who deserves this prestigious honor. 

Little Lyanna Mormont, who was known for her outspoken attitude and basically having no fear, took down the biggest White Walker of all — a literal giant. One tweet suggests naming a middle school after the brave soldier, and then offers up naming a university after Arya thanks to her valiant defeat of the Night King. 

Fans are mostly freaking out about the good boy, Ghost, because his whereabouts are still unknown after charging into battle with the Dothraki horde. 

Some of the snoopiest on Twitter caught a glimpse of the pup on the promo video for the next episode. Thank goodness, because that's one death I don't think anyone could get over. 

Beric Dondarrion, a man of the Brotherhood Without Banners and a follower of the Lord of Light, finally realized his purpose. 

Beric (Richard Dormer) often showed off his immortal ability and came back from the dead six times. But, finally, in the Battle of Winterfell he completed his ultimate mission — to save Arya so that she could kill the Night King. 

Melisandre's prophecy was realized, and she died on her own terms. 

Fans dug up this scene from Season 3 and are connecting the dots. Melisandre came back for this battle to realize her final purpose — help Arya defeat the Night King. And after the battle was won, she removed her enchanted necklace that kept her young and died on her own terms. 

Sophie Turner continues to hype up her on-screen sis and real-life BFF Arya Stark (Maisie Williams).

When Arya committed the final blow that took out the Night King and nearly the entire White Walker army, the world cheered her name. But no one cheered louder than Sansa herself: "Arya really is THAT B****," Turner posted on her Instagram Story. A girl does have a name, and that name is ARYA. STARK. OF. WINTERFELL. 

This video may have originally been addressed to Beyoncé, but the message translates well to Arya Stark. 

And one more time for good measure, let's not forget that Arya ended this war with her stealthy and ruthless assassin-like skills. Future ruler of the seven kingdoms, perhaps? Looks like we have another contender.