The "Game of Thrones" cast members who are lucky enough to still be alive after the Season 6 finale massacre (sniff sniff, we'll miss you, Margaery) were all too busy freezing their asses off in Ireland filming Season 7 over the weekend to attend New York Comic Con. However, our beloved King Joffrey — real name Jack Gleeson, of course — had the "luxury" of dying two seasons ago, so The Boy King himself was able to make a rare, post-retirement (from screen acting, not stage) appearance and talk about life post-Purple Wedding.

Most of the things Gleeson had to say during his solo panel with Vulture were pretty straight-forward: He didn't mind being killed off "Thrones" because he knew it was coming and "my dad always said you should never be the last to leave a party;" he doesn't keep up with the show nowadays because "there's too much to catch up on;" and if he could do it all again and play another character, it would be Hodor.

However, Gleeson DID have one thing to say that should blow the minds of "GoT" fans: The dude has a pretty solid theory for who will be sitting on the Iron Throne come the end of the series.

photo: HBO

Even though Gleeson doesn't watch the show because he's busy being a working Irish theater actor, he's been to enough cons to hear some pretty legit fan theories — and one in particular has him convinced that, come the end of the series, none of your faves will "win" the Game of Thrones. Not Jon Snow, not Daenerys, not Sansa ... not even Arya, because in this theory, there won't be an Iron Throne to sit on in the first place.

"This isn't a spoiler, because I know zero about the show and I literally know nothing about what will happen," Gleeson explained. "[A fan] came up with this theory that they told me ... someone's going to melt down the Iron Throne because it has the Valyrian steel that will overcome the White Walkers. I think that's kind of a cool idea — the monarchy is literally dissolved."

Not too shabby for a star of "Game of Thrones" who has never seen "Game of Thrones," right?

We've already seen that the Night's Watch (and Wildling) army is woefully underprepared when it comes to fighting White Walkers, since the beasts can only be killed with dragonglass and Valyrian steel. The presence of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons should help with the former, but the latter will be a problem since knowledge of how to make Valyrian steel died with the Valyrians, and only a small number of their swords remain in Westeros. 

Now, we don't know exactly how many (if any) swords on the Throne are Valyrian steel; we only know that Aegon the Conquerer had his dragon, Balerion, melt down the 1,000 swords that had been surrendered to him when he conquered Westeros to make the Throne way back when. It's entirely probable that 99 percent of the swords, which came from Westerosi lords, were made from normal steel — but if even one or two of them are Valyrian, if could be worth it to melt the thing down and make some brand new weapons if and when shit gets bad enough in King's Landing. (Because, come on, you know it will.)

Kudos to Joffrey for proving you don't need to pick up a book OR watch TV to know your "Game of Thrones." And of course, for morphing back into Joffrey mode with ease when asked by a masochistic fan.

Bet you feel like Sansa now, huh?

Check out the rest of Gleeson's panel below!