We'd all love to hunker down with some coffee and watch every single episode of "Gilmore Girls" between now and when "A Year In The Life" comes out November 25 — and if that's your goal, we can help you make it happen with our guide to binge-watching the whole series — but let's face it: not everybody has that kind of time. After all, it's over 150 episodes in just 15 weeks!

But don't worry, we've got you covered. With our 50-episode guide, you'll only have to watch one every other day to be all caught up, whether you're a diehard "Gilmore Girls" fan looking for a refresher or a first time viewer hoping to see what the fuss is about (in which case, mild spoilers abound below!). And while you'll admittedly be missing out on a lot of fan favorites (Rory hitting that deer! Spring break! The DAR party!), you'll have all the backstory you need to binge watch the new series with abandon. 


1x01, "Pilot"

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The episode that started it all! Here you'll meet Lorelai and Rory and learn about the little town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, where they live. Rory is transferring from the local high school to a prestigious prep school, but they need Lorelai's super-WASPy parents, Emily and Richard — whom Lorelai is not on good terms with — to foot the bill on tuition. 


1x02, “The Lorelais’ First Day At Chilton”

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As to be expected, Rory's first day at her new school does not exactly go as expected, in no small part because of her immediate and passionate rivalry with fellow student Paris Gellar. Get used to her face because she will soon be your queen. 


1x07, "Kiss and Tell"

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It's our very first weirdo traditional Stars Hollow town event, the Autumn festival! It's also Rory's first kiss, and she is not prepared for it — nor is she prepared to tell Lorelai, who feels personally betrayed that Rory kept it secret. 


1x09, "Rory's Dance"

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It's Rory's first dance at Chilton, so naturally two boys are going to get in a fight over her because that's how high school dances on TV shows work — and it only gets more dramatic from there, 


1x15, "Christopher Returns"

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Rory's dad, Christopher, comes to Stars Hollow for the first time to "tie up loose ends" and forge a connection with his daughter. Too bad his WASPy parents have shown up, too, and they are not friendly. 


1x16, "Star-Crossed Lovers And Other Strangers"

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Lorelai is super jealous of Luke's ex-girlfriend for no reason whatsoever (lol), but mostly because she misses being in a relationship with Max, Rory's teacher at Chilton whom she started dating earlier in the season — since we're skipping around you haven't gotten a chance to meet him, but trust us, you're not missing much. Meanwhile, Dean and Rory are about to have their three-month anniversary, but their relationship is about to hit a rough patch, too. 


1x17, "The Breakup: Part 2"

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Rory's steadfastly not dealing with the aftermath of the last episode, which spurns even more feelings of longing for Max in Lorelai. Meanwhile, Lane meets a cute guy at Rory's school.


1x21, "Love, Daisies and Troubadours"

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Lorelai and Max are still trying to take it slow, which...does not last very long. Meanwhile, both Rory and Luke are also dealing with relationship drama of their own.  And just like that, we're done with season 1 and on to:


2x01, "Sadie, Sadie"

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Love is officially in the air for both the Gilmore girls, but Emily and Richard aren't exactly very keen on either match. Meanwhile, Lane might be getting shipped off to Korea forever, so just another average day for her. 


2x03, "Red Light On The Wedding Night"

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Just in case the title of this episode doesn't give it away, Lorelai's engagement to Max is not long for this world, and this is when she starts to figure it out for herself. 


2x05, "Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy"

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It's Rory's first day of junior year at Chilton, as well as her first day writing for the school newspaper — under Paris Gellar's direction, of course. And that's not the only change coming this season, as this episode also marks the arrival of Jess, Luke's bad-boy nephew.


2x10, "The Bracebridge Dinner"

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The people of Star's Hollow really love to dress up in dorky Renaissance outfits and put on a show. Thus, the Bracebridge dinner (which is an actual real-world tradition, by the way), a Christmas feast that becomes the backdrop for the very first fight between Dean and Jess. It will not be the last. 


2x13, "A-Tisket, A-Tasket"

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Trouble is officially brewing as Jess outbids Dean for a date with Rory during a town charity auction — and totally starts to fall for her. Meanwhile, other relationships across Stars Hollow are falling apart and getting stronger.


2x19, "Teach Me Tonight"

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Rory's maybe-flirtation with Jess comes to a dangerous climax that has everyone in Stars Hollow pissed at Jess. Well, more pissed than they are usually. 


2x21, "Lorelai's Graduation Day"

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Lorelai is graduating from business school, but where the heck is Rory? Hanging out with Jess in Manhattan instead, of course. At least she's got Emily and Richard to keep her company and embarrass her in front of all her classmates!


2x22, "I Can't Get Started"

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Say it with me now: "Oy, with the poodles already!" That infamous catchphrase comes from this episode, which takes place before Sookie's wedding. Plus, Christopher's back again! 


3x01, "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days"

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After spending all summer at an internship in Washington D.C., Rory returns for her senior year and the First Annual Stars Hollow End of Summer Madness Festival — and surprise, she's still not over Jess. 


3x08, "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?"

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The Dean/Jess rivalry goes totally bonkers during the 24-Hour Dance Marathon, yet another wonderfully wacky Stars Hollow tradition.


3x16, "The Big One"

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Poor Paris gets thrown through the ringer in this episode, and for a totally relatable reason: it's the time of year where people receive their college acceptance letters. 


3x17, "A Tale Of Poes and Fires"

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Disaster strikes when a fire erupts in the Independence Inn. Meanwhile, Rory has to figure out where she wants to go to school — Harvard, where she's dreamed of attending for years? Or Yale, her grandparents' alma mater? 


3x19, "Keg! Max!"

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Lane's band has their first gig at a real-life keg party! But because it's a party, naturally somebody has to ruin it, and that somebody is Dean. And also Jess. Again


3x20, "Say Goodnight, Gracie"

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Both Jess and Dean have some shocking news in the aftermath of the keg party. Meanwhile, Dave, who's been secretly dating Lane, makes his case to her strict mother. It's a great moment — too bad it'll be Dave's last appearance since Adam Brody moves on to "The O.C." At least it eventually gave us Seth Cohen, right? 


3x22, "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio"

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Rory finally graduates college, and her valedictorian speech will bring you to tears. Plus, Lorelai wants to get her own inn up and running, but paying for Yale is getting in the way.


4x01, "Ballrooms and Biscotti"

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After returning from a summer-long trip throughout Europe, Rory and Lorelai come home to find that things are more or less the same at Stars Hollow — complete with a new ridiculous tradition courtesy of Taylor Doose. This is also the first season to start updating you on what you missed with "Previously On" opening segments, which is good because we're gonna skip a lot of episodes in a row during season 4 so strap in. 


4x02, "The Lorelais' First Day At Yale"

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Fun fact: Real college dorms do NOT like it when you bring your own mattress like Rory and Lorelai did. But aside from the exceptionally snazzy digs, this episode is a pretty accurate reflection of what it's like to start your freshman year. Cooper boom!


4x09, "Ted Koppel's Big Night Out"

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Lorelai gets roped into going to a Yale football game with Rory and her parents, which if you know Lorelai is not her idea of a good time — especially when her parents are fighting. She also decides to go on a date with Jason, a colleague of Richard's.


4x19, "Afterboom"

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Skipping ahead 10 episodes, but you haven't missed much, except that Dean is married to Lindsay and Jason's dad is trying to sabotage his and Richard's new business. Here, Lorelai deals with the aftermath of the fiasco and decides whether her relationship with Jason is worth saving. Also, now that Lane has moved out of her parents' house, Mrs. Kim has replaced her with a Korean exchange student, Kyon. 


4x21, "Last Week Fights, This Week Tights"

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Remember what we said earlier about how Stars Hollow residents love a good excuse to dress like medieval dorks? Luke's sister's wedding is a perfect example, and Jess is back to walk her down the aisle. Too bad Rory's too busy getting set up by her grandma to attend herself — and what the heck is happening with Lane's new apartment?


4x22, "Raincoats and Recipes"

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After four years, the Dragonfly Inn is finally about to open! Luke and Lorelai shippers, get hyped — this is a big episode for you! Dean and Rory, same deal — although you guys might not be as happy with what goes down. 


5x01, "Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller"

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The aftermath of Rory's decidedly not great decision causes a rift between her and Lorelai. Speaking of rifts, Emily and Richard are not any closer to reconciling. 


5x02, "A Messenger, Nothing More"

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Dean's marriage is in shambles, which is generally what happens when you cheat on your wife with an old girlfriend. At least Rory has some fun following her grandmother around Europe before all the drama starts to unfold. 


5x03, "Written In The Stars"

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Luke and Lorelai are officially a thing, and the entire town of Stars Hollow is worried about what a possible break up will do to the community. This episode also marks the first appearance of Logan, who certainly doesn't endear himself to her when they meet. 


5x08, "The Party's Over"

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In a last ditch effort to get Rory to stop dating Dean, Emily and Richard put aside their differences to host a party for their granddaughter with the secret goal of finding her a more suitable match. 


5x13, "Wedding Bell Blues"

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Emily and Richard are getting back together, and they've decided to go all out by renewing their vows. Naturally, everything goes horribly wrong for everyone — except for Logan, maybe.


5x14, "Say Something"

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Last episode's disaster has Lorelai and Luke's relationship hanging in the balance, so you know what that means: time for Taylor to insert himself into everything and make it worse! But don't worry, Rory is there to take care of things, with a little bit of help from Logan. Meanwhile, Lane has some rebellion-bonding time with Kyon. 


5x21, "Blame Booze and Melville"

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Sookie's finally having her baby! Rory makes some very, very terrible choices after Logan's dad gets in her face! But at least the Dragonfly Inn is getting amazing reviews, right?


5x22, "A House Is Not A Home"

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Rory's never been in trouble like this before, and it's about to get a whole lot worse as she decides what to do with her future. Like, terrible-fight-with-Lorelai-that-makes-her-move-out, worse. 


6x01, "New and Improved Lorelai"

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Rory is getting adjusted to her new life living in the pool house (and dealing with the aftermath of her arrest), while Lorelai is GETTING ENGAGED AAAAAH. 


6x08, "Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out"

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Meet Paul Anka, the fancy dog Lorelai gets to fill the Rory-shaped hole in her life. As to be expected, he is a GIANT weirdo. Speaking of weirdos, Jess returns yet again, this time with some useful advice for Rory's future. 


6x09, "The Prodigal Daughter Returns"

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Finally, the Gilmore girls are back together again!! And now there's another daughter in the works, too — specifically, Luke's. 


6x13, "Friday Night's Alright For Fighting"

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The entire Yale School newspaper staff quits in protest, leaving Paris and Rory completely stranded. Later, Lorelai tries to convince Rory and her grandparents to talk about their feelings and everyone does, very loudly, in the most epic Friday Night Dinner ever. 


6x18, "The Real Paul Anka"

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Logan takes off because he doesn't think Rory had forgiven him for the stunts he pulled while they were temporarily broken up. She takes off, too — to go hang out with Jess. Meanwhile, Emily tries to convince Lorelai to begin a relationship with Luke's daughter, April. 


6x21, "Driving Ms. Gilmore"

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Emily has to undergo cataract surgery, so guess who has to be her chauffeur while she recovers? Lorelai, obviously. Meanwhile, Rory has to deal with Logan's dad hogging credit for her achievements, and Jackson and Sookie have a house full of marijuana they have no idea what to do with. 


6x22, "Partings"

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Stars Hollow is completely overrun with street performers after their official troubadour gets discovered by an agent. Lorelai delivers an ultimatum to Luke after getting some very helpful therapy, and Rory lives vicariously through Logan's graduation ceremony.

This also marks the very last episode that "Gilmore Girls" show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was involved, leading to a confusing dip in quality for the show beyond this point. Don't say we didn't warn you. 


7x1, "The Long Morrow"

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Things are decidedly not great for Luke/Lorelai shippers right now. Meanwhile, Rory gets a gift from Logan and has literally no idea how to interpret it. 


7x7, "French Twist"

photo: WB TV

Rory's reign as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper comes to an end, so she has a girls night with some of her friends, including (Krysten Ritter from "Jessica Jones", by the way), and freaks out about her future. Christopher and Lorelai take Christopher's daughter Gigi to visit their mother in Paris, which proves to be way too romantic a place for them to deal with.


7x14, "Farewell, My Pet"

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Welp, so much for that marriage between Christopher and Lorelai! At least Rory and Logan's relationship is literally perfect. Listen, we here are Team Revelist are notoriously Logan-biased but how is this not total proof that they're the OTP?


7x16, "Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?"

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Okay, maybe Logan's not so perfect after all. But this episode is still pretty great, because Lane has what's probably the best baby shower of all time, and Rory has her very first interview — with the New York Times.


7x21, "Unto The Breach"

Rory's finally graduating college, and Logan has a very important question for her — but what will her answer be? 


7x22, "Bon Voyage"

You did it! It's the final episode of the show! Rory might not have gotten that NYT gig,  but she gets something even better — and surprisingly prescient for 2007. However, it means she'll have to miss her farewell party unless the entire town can manage to throw it a week early... 


And with that, you're all caught up and ready for "A Year In The Life!"