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5x13, "Wedding Bell Blues"

photo: WB TV

Emily and Richard are getting back together, and they've decided to go all out by renewing their vows. Naturally, everything goes horribly wrong for everyone — except for Logan, maybe.


5x14, "Say Something"

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Last episode's disaster has Lorelai and Luke's relationship hanging in the balance, so you know what that means: time for Taylor to insert himself into everything and make it worse! But don't worry, Rory is there to take care of things, with a little bit of help from Logan. Meanwhile, Lane has some rebellion-bonding time with Kyon. 


5x21, "Blame Booze and Melville"

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Sookie's finally having her baby! Rory makes some very, very terrible choices after Logan's dad gets in her face! But at least the Dragonfly Inn is getting amazing reviews, right?


5x22, "A House Is Not A Home"

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Rory's never been in trouble like this before, and it's about to get a whole lot worse as she decides what to do with her future. Like, terrible-fight-with-Lorelai-that-makes-her-move-out, worse. 


6x01, "New and Improved Lorelai"

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Rory is getting adjusted to her new life living in the pool house (and dealing with the aftermath of her arrest), while Lorelai is GETTING ENGAGED AAAAAH. 


6x08, "Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out"

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Meet Paul Anka, the fancy dog Lorelai gets to fill the Rory-shaped hole in her life. As to be expected, he is a GIANT weirdo. Speaking of weirdos, Jess returns yet again, this time with some useful advice for Rory's future. 


6x09, "The Prodigal Daughter Returns"

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Finally, the Gilmore girls are back together again!! And now there's another daughter in the works, too — specifically, Luke's. 


6x13, "Friday Night's Alright For Fighting"

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The entire Yale School newspaper staff quits in protest, leaving Paris and Rory completely stranded. Later, Lorelai tries to convince Rory and her grandparents to talk about their feelings and everyone does, very loudly, in the most epic Friday Night Dinner ever. 


6x18, "The Real Paul Anka"

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Logan takes off because he doesn't think Rory had forgiven him for the stunts he pulled while they were temporarily broken up. She takes off, too — to go hang out with Jess. Meanwhile, Emily tries to convince Lorelai to begin a relationship with Luke's daughter, April. 


6x21, "Driving Ms. Gilmore"

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Emily has to undergo cataract surgery, so guess who has to be her chauffeur while she recovers? Lorelai, obviously. Meanwhile, Rory has to deal with Logan's dad hogging credit for her achievements, and Jackson and Sookie have a house full of marijuana they have no idea what to do with. 


6x22, "Partings"

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Stars Hollow is completely overrun with street performers after their official troubadour gets discovered by an agent. Lorelai delivers an ultimatum to Luke after getting some very helpful therapy, and Rory lives vicariously through Logan's graduation ceremony.

This also marks the very last episode that "Gilmore Girls" show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was involved, leading to a confusing dip in quality for the show beyond this point. Don't say we didn't warn you. 


7x1, "The Long Morrow"

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Things are decidedly not great for Luke/Lorelai shippers right now. Meanwhile, Rory gets a gift from Logan and has literally no idea how to interpret it. 


7x7, "French Twist"

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Rory's reign as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper comes to an end, so she has a girls night with some of her friends, including (Krysten Ritter from "Jessica Jones", by the way), and freaks out about her future. Christopher and Lorelai take Christopher's daughter Gigi to visit their mother in Paris, which proves to be way too romantic a place for them to deal with.


7x14, "Farewell, My Pet"

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Welp, so much for that marriage between Christopher and Lorelai! At least Rory and Logan's relationship is literally perfect. Listen, we here are Team Revelist are notoriously Logan-biased but how is this not total proof that they're the OTP?


7x16, "Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?"

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Okay, maybe Logan's not so perfect after all. But this episode is still pretty great, because Lane has what's probably the best baby shower of all time, and Rory has her very first interview — with the New York Times.


7x21, "Unto The Breach"

Rory's finally graduating college, and Logan has a very important question for her — but what will her answer be? 


7x22, "Bon Voyage"

You did it! It's the final episode of the show! Rory might not have gotten that NYT gig,  but she gets something even better — and surprisingly prescient for 2007. However, it means she'll have to miss her farewell party unless the entire town can manage to throw it a week early... 


And with that, you're all caught up and ready for "A Year In The Life!"