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7x16, "Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?"

photo: WB TV

Okay, maybe Logan's not so perfect after all. But this episode is still pretty great, because Lane has what's probably the best baby shower of all time, and Rory has her very first interview — with the New York Times.


7x21, "Unto The Breach"

Rory's finally graduating college, and Logan has a very important question for her — but what will her answer be? 


7x22, "Bon Voyage"

You did it! It's the final episode of the show! Rory might not have gotten that NYT gig,  but she gets something even better — and surprisingly prescient for 2007. However, it means she'll have to miss her farewell party unless the entire town can manage to throw it a week early... 


And with that, you're all caught up and ready for "A Year In The Life!"