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Fans of "Gilmore Girls" may remember an episode in Season 3 when one of Stars Hollow's quirkiest townies, Kirk Gleason, adopts a cat known as "Cat Kirk." That particular kitty turned out to be quite the vicious trollop, terrorizing Human Kirk and cementing the idea that cats and Mr. Gleason really don't mix.

Despite being subjected to feline wrath on the show, though, actor Sean Gunn himself is actually a major cat fanatic in real life. Revelist caught up with him at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in Washington Depot, Connecticut, over the weekend to chat about his status as a self-proclaimed "cat lady" and his history of animal activism.

At the festival on Saturday (October 22), Gunn and Rini Bell ("Lulu") spent the day fundraising on behalf of a local animal shelter.

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Fans could buy t-shirts repping either "Team Kirk" or "Team Cat Kirk," with Gunn opting for the latter option. All proceeds went to funding animal rescue services, and there were even cats and kittens up for adoption at his tent — including four adorable furballs named after the "Gilmore" characters Jess, Lane, Dean, and Emily.

It's not the first time Gunn has named rescue cats after "Gilmore" characters, though. He recently helped find a forever home for Lorelai and Rory, an abandoned mother cat and kitten whose story bears a striking resemblance to their namesakes'.

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"They were found in the desert near death, and the mama cat … was also a kitten herself," Gunn said. "She probably gave birth to the baby when she was not yet a year old. So she really just had the one baby cat, and she must have foraged and done whatever she could to find food. It took every bit of energy she had to stay alive."

After discovering the malnourished pair and nursing them back to health, Gunn scoured the interwebs before finding them a "wonderful home."

"They're thriving, and I’m so glad that they stayed together, when you have a bonded pair like that," Gunn said. "(Rescuing cats) is truly the most rewarding thing. I love doing it so much. And now they have the happiest lives, and they make the people so happy, too."

One of Gunn's three cats — Pirate Jenny, a frequent model for his #Caturday posts — has a compelling rescue story, too.

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Pirate Jenny and her two brothers were rescued from the inside of a wall at four days old. They made it into Gunn's care at eight days, and the process of bottle-feeding them back to health helped ignite his passion for animal rescue. 

Also common features of his Instagram, Gunn's other two cats, Thomas Hearns and The Business, are equally as photogenic, for the record.

Clearly, Gunn loves him some cats — so much so, that he even thinks kitten litters are cuter than BABY GROOT.

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This man's love of cats is nothing if not consistent. To be fair, though, Gunn said there may be underlying reasons for his pick of kittens over his treechild costar in the upcoming "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" movie.

"As much as I love Baby Groot, in some part of my heart I might be a little bit resentful, because he’s going to steal that movie," he admitted.

And as far as those "crazy cat owner" stereotypes go, Gunn dismissed them as "absurd."

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"When you call someone a crazy cat lady, it’s always generally meant as a derogatory term because it’s a woman who is single and has a bunch of cats," Gunn said. "People just look down on that. There’s this societal pressure for people to marry and procreate and all that, so it’s like, 'Oh, she has a bunch of cats, that must mean that she’s lonely or a loser or whatever.' Which is absurd."

The actor believes that a lot of those misconceptions are being put to rest these days, though, thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of internet cat videos.

"The internet is doing a good job of fighting (them), because people now know that, aside from pornography, cats are the surest thing on the internet people will love and share," he said. "I think a lot of us crazy cat ladies out there — and I include myself in that — found each other on social media and were like, 'Wait, we’re not crazy cat people because we’re lonely or pathetic. It’s because we love cats, because cats are awesome.'"

Heard, Gunn. Heard.  

For anyone who didn't make it to Washington Depot over the weekend, Gunn's charitable "Team Cat Kirk" shirts are still available for purchase online here.