photo: Warner Bros.

Upend the contents of your coffee thermoses, lads and lasses. Because you're gonna need 'em.

While at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in real-life Stars Hollow (i.e. Washington Depot, Connecticut), Revelist had one mission for the show's cast and crew — to help us make the ultimate "Gilmore Girls" drinking game. And boy, did they deliver. 

Without further adieu, here are the 10 rules to "Gilmore Girls'" official drinking game, as decided by the show's stars and creators. Don't forget your Pop-Tart and pizza munchies!


Sean Gunn (Kirk) says: "Every time Kirk annoys someone, take a drink. Some of those episodes, you’re gonna get real drunk."


Keiko Agena (Lane) says: “If you really want to get drunk, take a drink every time Taylor makes a snide comment.”


Valerie Campbell ("Gilmore Girls" costume supervisor) says: "Whenever there’s a costume change, change drinks."


Jackson Douglas (Jackson) says: "Every time I roll my eyes at Sookie, drink."


Ted Rooney (Morey) says: "Drink every time someone goes on a 20 words or more pop culture riff."


Vanessa Marano (April) says: "Anytime they eat pizza, mention pizza, or order pizza. Coffee is so obvious. Pizza sneaks up on you. Sometimes it’s once, sometimes it’s eight times in an episode."


George Bell ("Gilmore Girls" dialogue coach) says: "Every time you see a Pop-Tart, take a shot."


Rose Abdoo (Gypsy) says: “I’d say whenever you see Gypsy inside, but the people playing would hardly drink.”


Aris Alvarado (Ceasar) says: "Every time you have to guess who hung up the phone first, loser drinks."


Sheila Lawrence ("Gilmore Girls" writer/producer) says: “Drink every pop culture reference you don’t know. That could be a fun twist. So if you get the reference, you don’t drink, but if you have to Google it, then you have to do a shot.”