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"Gilmore Girls" turned 16 on Wednesday (October 5), and Netflix celebrated in true Stars Hollow-style — by transforming 250 coffee shops and cafes across the country into Luke's Diner for a day. And oh my Gilmore, was it awesome.

In the spirit of investigative journalism, I took on the burden of visiting one of the New York City pop-ups, The Bean in Union Square, to see what was a-brewin', and to answer one of our most burning "Gilmore Girls" questions — is the coffee at Luke's as good as Lorelai says it is?

At New York City's Union Square Luke's Diner pop-up, "Gilmore Girls" fans began lining up outside at 5:30 a.m.

photo: Brittany Fowler/Revelist

The first 250 customers were promised free 12-ounce cups of coffee. That ran out by 8:55 a.m., but of course, that's not really what people were standing in line for anyway.

Inside, show-specific details abounded — like the Luke's Diner coffee sleeves on every cup.

photo: Brittany Fowler/Revelist

The cups also featured coffee-themed quotes from the Gilmore ladies, like Lorelai's classic one-liner: "I need coffee in an IV."

The staff also sported Luke's trusty flannel-and-baseball-cap uniform.

photo: Brittany Fowler/Revelist

Only, they were a lot friendlier than Stars Hollow's grumpiest diner owner!

Look at this guy! He's basically Luke Danes II.

photo: Brittany Fowler/Revelist

NAILED IT, dude.

After some painstaking research, I'd venture to say the coffee was actually *better* than what Luke serves up.

photo: Brittany Fowler

No offense to Luke (or Lorelai), but his coffee was definitely pre-ground and came from a suspiciously generic-looking tin. The freshly ground coffee at The Bean is definitely better.

Luke might not approve of my opinion of his coffee, but he'd definitely agree with the pop-up's rules for the day, as seen on the cutout behind me. They were as follows: No texting while ordering; no man buns; no taking pictures of food; no headphones (if I can hear your music through your headphones, why are you wearing headphones?). Touché.

Plus, they even remembered Luke's "No Cell Phones" sign!

photo: Brittany Fowler/Revelist

Not that any of the selfie-snapping customers paid it any mind, but it was still a nice touch.

In between gulps of coffee, the crowd was quizzed with "Gilmore Girls" trivia.

photo: Brittany Fowler

And there wasn't a question too obscure for these folks. At one point, the shop's manager, Kira Rudgen, asked the crowd how many episodes Kirk Gleason appeared in under a different name, and one woman immediately (and correctly) yelled out, "Two!"

"People’s eyes light up when I ask a question that nobody really knows," Rudgen told me afterward. "It’s such a community feel that we have going here."

How very Stars Hollow, indeed!

To round out the day's festivities, Netflix also released a special "Gilmore Girls" featurette.

And we're feeling more nostalgic about this show — and more hyped up on caffeine — than ever.