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Oh my Gilmore. Batten down the hatches, Stars Hollow — it looks like a Lorelai III could be on the way! 

A photo shared on Netflix's official "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" Instagram account has super-fans speculating we'll see a new lil nug in the revival. The image in question looks pretty innocuous but for die-hard fans, it's actually packed with meaning. 

EXHIBIT A: A plate of Pop Tarts is shown with an apple pointedly placed in the middle.

Pop-Tart appetizers to hold us over 'till the pizza comes. And one apple.

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The apple's inclusion here is clearly significant, as Netflix even makes sure to emphasize it in the caption. Plus, we know it's not like Lorelai and Rory are ones to monitor their daily fruit consumption. It's there for a reason. 

On its most basic level, this could simply be a reference to the plate of snacks Lorelai serves Rory and the Chilton crew when they come over to study pre-Bangles concert in Season 1. The apple, she said, was included to "look festive." 

Some fans, though, are looking past that more obvious reference and instead drawing on a scene from Season 5 to find the apple's meaning. 

In Episode 21 of Season 5, "Blame Booze and Melville," Lorelai reveals she craved apples during her pregnancy with Rory.

The memory of her weirdly healthy craving is significant in this episode, as it leads to a pregnancy scare for Luke and Lorelai when the craving randomly resurfaces. It may have been a fluke then, but if Netflix is, indeed, referencing this episode with the post, that seems pretty noteworthy. Though we don't yet know where Rory stands with her love life (besides the fact she's not with Dean), the speculation that Luke and Lorelai, "Gilmore Girls'" classic and alliterative OTP, are back on for the revival rings true. If so, does that mean they've started a family together? 

In the trailer for the revival, Lorelai is seen drinking coffee, though...

photo: Netflix

The first official trailer, which was finally released last week, shows the gals discussing the likelihood of Lorelai and Amy Schumer being best buds, and I can only assume what's in that mug is coffee. Another "Gilmore Girls" Instagram post depicts two cups of Joe on the counter of Luke's Diner, too. 

But then again — look at Lorelai's shirt! LOOK AT IT.

photo: Netflix

"I'm with human." How does that NOT seem like Lorelai-speak for "I'm with child"?? That alone is fodder to start guessing baby names, in my opinion. 

It looks like all we can do for now, though, is continue to obsessively stalk the revival's Instagram for more clues until its premiere on November 25. And stalk we shall.