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Warning: Mild spoilers from the "Gilmore Girls" revival lie ahead!

A little over a week ago, a select handful of critics released reviews of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" — and the news was (mostly) good

Today (November 25) diehard fans of all things Stars Hollow added their voices to the mix as well, tweeting their every thought about the eagerly anticipated revival as they binged. (Be sure to check back later for Revelist's thoughts after our binge.) 

(Update: Here they are!)

So while the stuffing settles in your stomach and you gear up to take in all six hours of Lorelai, Rory, Luke, and Emily (the core four players in each 90-minute installment of the series), check out the main points fans are freaking the fuck out over below:

Overall, fans seem to be in love.

They're pleased with Luke and Lorelai's complicated love story.

While fans of OG Rory are flipping out at just how much she's changed.

Homeless — yet somehow able to afford multiple expensive plane tickets to London on a freelance writer's salary — and just a little bit gloriously slutty, Rory 2.0 has fans shook.

However, many are taking issue with a controversial Logan storyline.

We're not going to spoil it. You'll know it when you see it.

While Jess's storyline is a BIT more popular.

Let's just say the series chooses to make Jess the easiest to love. 

Dean is too busy playing Sam on "Supernatural" to really be a contender, but his one scene is a stand-out.

And not only because it's at Doose's. Or because Jared Padalecki grew up to be a god in human form.

... And so is Sookie's, who also arrives VERY late and has little screen time.

Melissa McCarthy was busy making $28 million a movie or whatever. I don't blame her.

One universally beloved reveal involves Michel's sexuality.

The original "Gilmore Girls" was famously not great when it came to inclusion. In addition to the inarguably culturally insensitive (if not full-on racist) Mrs. Kim character, there was virtually no LGBTQ representation on the show — even though Yanic Truesdale's Michel was assumed to be gay. 

He "comes out" within seconds of his debut in the "Winter" installment, and while Mrs. Kim is still Mrs. Kim, at least casting made a legitimate effort to put a few Black people in the town meeting scenes at Miss Patty's.

Paris Gellar is, of course, still a hilarious scene-stealer.

Her rage still burns. And it is magical.

Everyone seems to be in agreement that Emily, now in mourning over Richard, is in top Emily form.

She and Lorelai go to therapy. It ... goes as well as you would think.

Also, you should know that Kirk is in it — a lot.

Like, a lot a lot.

And the Final Four Words (which I still don't know!) seem to leave viewers wanting more.

That's it for now — time to commence the binging!