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I have gone on record many a time with my thoughts on Rory Gilmore's three main boyfriends: mainly, that they should all be sacrificed to a Grimslaw Demon, or at the very least left far behind in Rory's past for the upcoming "Gilmore Girls" revival.

However, I also maintain that Matt Czuchry's sweet, adventurous Logan Huntzberger was the most consistently decent of the three. (Yes, he had sex with like all of his sister's bridesmaids, but THEY WERE ON A BREAK!!!)

That is ... I maintained it until this week, when "Gilmore" executive producer Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed to EW why she created the character of Logan in the first place.

It was — wait for it — to create a boyfriend for Rory who was exactly like her dad, Christopher.

gilmore girls logan rory christopher
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"We wanted Rory to date her father,” she said . “Every girl has a father issue, and Logan was Christopher. Logan was charming, smart, and not quite the dependable soul that you need. Or, at that time, was not the great dependable soul.”

“It’s a relationship like the one Lorelai and Christohper had in their youth," Alexis Bledel herself, who plays Rory, continued. "They do reckless things together. It’s fun but on this lavish scale.”

Czuchry himself, however, disagrees — he never saw Logan as a child-abandoning, Gigi-spoiling, motorcycle-riding hot douche like Christopher.

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“I saw this character as somebody who is going to push Rory to be the best that she could possibly be in her personal and her professional life, and to live life in this kind of carpe diem way," Czuchry said. "For example, there was an episode called ‘You Jump, I Jump, Jack,’ where we saw the first glimpse of who Logan was and how he tried to push Rory. That’s always the way that I came at it.”

For the record, we here at Revelist agree with Czuchry — Logan was the most supportive of Rory's men, to the point where I often felt that SHE didn't deserve HIM.

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Logan consistently treated Rory like an equal (unlike Jess, who bossed her around and tried to change her to be more like him), never cheated on her or on anyone to be with her (sup, Dean), and never abandoned her (Christopher). He also fully supported her career, had a really great apartment, and dimples so sharp they could probably kill a man if utilized properly.

So no matter what Sherman-Palladino says about weird daddy issues, Team Logan can't be beat. 

Except by (hopefully) a new guy Rory meets in her 30s on the revivial, because 30 year old women don't date their exes from high school and college.