By now you've heard that Hilary Duff is playing her iconic role as Lizzie McGuire in a reboot set 20 years after the events of the Disney Channel series. 

It was unclear whether Lizzie's besties would be joining her in the remake, but now we have an answer! Adam Lamberg will be taking on the role of Gordo, Lizzie's dopey best friend who always had a crush on her. Also slated for the reboot are the rest of the McGuires — Matt, Jo, and Sam. 

Duff has been sharing snippets of behind-the-scenes content, including her new haircut, which is peak Lizzie. The blond baby bangs totally bring back memories of 2004. 

Adam Lamberg and Hilary Duff are together again!

Duff filmed a promo video on set of the reboot and talked about how excited she was for the cast to get back together. Then, suddenly, Lamberg steps out from behind the camera. "Wait, wait, wait! Fam's not complete without me. Gordo is back," Lamberg said. 

Production of the new series is well underway, and we already have a few plot teasers. 

Lizzie is living in Brooklyn and working at a great job when she gets news that brings her back home to the suburbs. Reportedly, Ethan Craft, the hunky teen heartthrob, is also making an appearance and could be a potential love interest for Lizzie. Now that Gordo is back, there was obviously some chemistry between the two friends after they kissed in the Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Fingers crossed that the new romance brewing is between Gordo and Lizzie. 

Disney+ shared an adorable shot of the duo announcing Gordo's return to the series. Jake Thomas, who plays Lizzie's brother Matt, commented, "I ship it." Honestly, same. 

The style of the show is totally 2004, but with Lizzie all grown up. 

Duff's costumes and hair are totally Lizzie, and it suits her so well. The two actors as their characters have great style. I love Lizzie's sheer tie-dye top and chain-link belt. Gordo looks sophisticated and nerd-chic in his Doc Martens and blue hoodie. 

Did Lalaine tease her involvement in the reboot?

A few weeks back Lalaine, who played Lizzie's other bestie Miranda, posted a screenshot of a message received from Lamberg. It's totally possible that the two have remained friends post-Disney, but I also think the message could be teasing both of their involvement in the reboot. The show wouldn't be the same without all of the important people in Lizzie's life.