"Grey's Anatomy" and other medical TV shows donate supplies.
photo: ABC

Hospitals and medical professionals have been reaching out, desperate for medical supplies donations. 

Thankfully medical TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, The Resident, The Good Doctor, and even Station 19 have a stockpile of real-life medical supplies. In the wake of the coronavirus most television and film sets are on hold, so they had no need for the medical supplies they use as props. The shows donated to the hospitals to help with the growing need of masks, gowns, gloves, and other supplies. 

Medical professionals shared their gratitude on social media, and hopefully the generous act will inspire others to do the same.

To be as accurate as possible, the medical supplies used on set are the same as real-life hospitals.

Considering these TV sets aren't using the props, it makes perfect sense that they be donated to hospitals. Hospitals and medical professionals have been asking on Twitter and social media for donations. One former Grey's Anatomy actor shared that they brought supplies to Africa when possible. "This is a great idea! When I was on #GreysAnatomy I used to bring basic medical supplies from the set every time I went to Africa," Brooke Smith wrote.

Hospital workers are extremely grateful.

A doctor at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta wrote a lengthy Instagram post about the necessity of medical supplies. Production at Fox's The Resident donated boxes and boxes of gear. "To the entire team @theresidentonfox, thank you for this incredibly generous donation of #PPE from your set, including gowns, masks, gloves, and all the things our healthcare workers need to provide safe care for our community during #COVID19," Karen Law wrote. 

She continued, "Yesterday, I had a serious discussion with the residents about how, though supplies are low, a magical shipment of masks is unlikely to arrive. And yet, a magical shipment of masks DID arrive, in the form of this very generous gesture. This kind of community support means so much to our #frontlineproviders who are making many sacrifices to staff our hospitals and care for our community."

Other famous people could follow suit.

Donations are definitely more helpful than social media posts. While it's great that some celebrities are attempting to keep spirits up during this tough time, let's be real: Monetary and medical supply donations would be way more helpful than a video singing "Imagine."

One Twitter user called out some celebs, "if you are a PR person with a celebrity client, tell them to pay for the groceries of recently laid off folks, donate money to food banks, and figure out how to send medical supplies to hospitals instead of participating in a group singing video."

The medical TV shows are still airing, but production is suspended. 

There are still episodes airing of Grey's Anatomy and The Good Doctor, but next season could be delayed. Enjoy your TV shows while they're lasting! These kind of shows are the kind of escapism we need. 

Grey's Anatomy is saving lives on-screen and off.

The series showrunner Krista Vernoff said in a statement obtained by The Wrap, "They were tremendously grateful. At ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ we have a backstock of gowns and gloves which we are donating as well. We are all overwhelmed with gratitude for our healthcare workers during this incredibly difficult time, and in addition to these donations, we are doing our part to help them by staying home."

Other shows like The Good Doctor, New Amsterdam, The Resident, and Station 19 are also donating.

Hospitals across the country are grateful for any donations, and especially the amount donated by shows of this magnitude. These fictional shows are saving real lives, now, by the generous donations. 

If anyone else has stockpiles of medical gear, now is the time to be generous.