This year marks 10 years since we've said farewell to one of the greatest franchises in film history: "High School Musical." Tears were shed around the world as our favorite Wildcats graduated from East High School — largely because we were saying goodbye to Zac Efron's dancing, singing, and of course his profound effect on our young hormones will not go unsung. To relive some of those feels, we're taking a look at where the "High School Musical" cast is today and, more important, how great they still look. Let's just say it's good enough that if they wanted to do a high school reunion movie, it'd be glorious.

Zac Efron

Efron had been around for a minute, but it was like, who cares. He had yet to reach that heartthrob, household-name level until he stepped into the role of Troy Bolton.

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Since then, Efron has gone on to arguably play the same character in a handful of other movies. You try and tell us that he was not the same douchebag in "Neighbors,"  "We Are Your Friends," and "Dirty Grandpa." Which explains what he has done to his hair and face.

Efron has managed to remain as handsome as ever.

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Vanessa Hudgens

Who didn't want to be Hudgens' Gabriella back in the '00s?

Today we want to be Hudgens because she's a damn fashion icon.

Ashley Tisdale

I don't know about you, but Sharpay was my personal fave. Tisdale owned that role!

Since hanging up her Sharpay ways, Tisdale is still fabulous! She has done everything from music to voice acting to marriage. All the while, she's remained a down-to-earth woman who still hangs with her "HSM" costars. Hudgens was in her wedding, y'all!

Lucas Grabeel

One cannot have Sharpay without Ryan. That is just how it is. 

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Grabeel has worked really hard to bop, bop, bop his way to the top. His workflow has been nothing but consistent since walking away from his Wildcat days.

Corbin Bleu

The reason bromances exist: Chad!

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So...he didn't wind up marrying Taylor. That's OK. Not like our hearts are breaking.

But they still hang out!

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Monique Coleman

Coleman represented the friends who want less drama and more college applications.

Today we'd say that Coleman actually looks better than when she was strutting around the halls of East High School. Like her character though, she's all about making the world a better place.

Olesya Rulin

I think while we all thought we were 100% a Sharpay or a Gabriella, in reality, most of us were the shy (talented boss) Kelsi.

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Safe to say she had the best glo-up.

Chris Warren

An athlete who loved to bake? CRAZY.

The boy who was once Zeke is now a straight-up man. Check him out in the middle of his "Grand Hotel" cast, a show coming to ABC in 2019.

KayCee Stroh

Stroh was Martha, one of the most unforgettable characters in the series. Her pop-locking was uh-mazing!

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Still a part of the Disney family on "Andi Mack," you'd still be able to recognize her if you saw her on the street. Side note, how cool would it be if your mom was in "HSM"?