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After a sophomore slump that failed to fully capture the momentum of its first season, "How to Get Away with Murder" opened up its third season with its best twist yet: Not only will a main character die in the midseason finale, but each week leading up to it the show will reveal a character who doesn't die, putting a real "Must See" on Thursday night Shondaland Must See TV.

Since Viola Davis' Annalise Keating was seen sobbing over the corpse in question, we know that the show's Emmy-winning star will not say a shocking goodbye come Christmas — and just last week we learned that Conrad Ricamora's Oliver is safe for now as well. But that still leaves Bonnie (Liza Weil), Laurel (Karla Souza), Asher (Matt McGorry), Wes (Alfred Enoch), Frank (Charlie Weber), Michaela (Aja Naomi King), Connor (Jack Falahee), and Nate (Billy Brown) on the chopping block ... and we here at Revelist have some opinions about not who will die (Bonnie, in my humble opinion) but who should. Because they are annoying, basically.

Here is our definitive ranking of who should die in descending order, based only on the opinions of myself, Entertainment Editorial Director Kirthana Ramisetti, Entertainment Intern Janelle James, Senior News Editor Evette Dionne, and News Reporter Emily Shugerman:


Connor Walsh

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Here's how this worked: The Revelist Five (I'm Laurel) each submitted a ranking from 1-8, with the character we most wanted to die at 1, and least at 8. 

Connor, by far, won the day as our most beloved character with an average score of 6.6. He's "weirdly the only one on the show I feel like I can relate to," Emily explained (Emily is also a murderer) with Kirthana adding she'd "let out an Annalise howl if it turns out to be him." 

From where I'm sitting, Connor needs to live because he's an overall solid dude who doesn't make lame fart jokes late in his 20s (Asher), sleep with Frank (Laurel), do dumb things with clients (Michaela), or ruin everything ever (Wes). He also has a fascinating relationship with Oliver, and it would be a shame to let that beautiful love go to waste.


Frank Delfino

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The only one who is down to see Frank die is Evette, who ranked him fourth on her death list because "he's a ride-or-die for Annalise, which means he's gotta die sometime." 

The rest of us don't want to see Frank die because we're heterosexual women and, as Emily put it, "his murder-hot vibe is pretty much the best thing about this show." He easily won second-to-last place on our MUST DIE list with an average score of 6.4, though if Annalise could vote he'd come out on top, easy.


Michaela Pratt

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Evette and Janelle both went to bat hard for Michaela, their number one pick for survival, who came in at a close third-to-last with an average of 6.2. 

Evette says "Michaela is bougie like me ... she's gotta live" while Janelle says "she doesn't get to die until they find her a proper love interest," but Kirthana was down to see Michaela die, adding simply, "yawn." 

I concur with Kirthana and really don't care either way about Michaela. As long as it isn't, well ...


Laurel Castillo

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My favorite character, the brainy and intuitive Laurel, came in right in the middle with a score of 5.8. Kirthana says her flirtation with Wes lowers her score a little, while Emily pretty much hates Laurel because "she's banging Frank and she's STILL one of the mopiest characters on the show." 

I think Laurel's gotta stick around because she's easily the smartest member of the Keating Five, and maintain that she's not mopey because she's banging Frank, she's mopey because she was banging Frank and then lost him to a life on the lam. That would make me mopey too, though not necessarily to the point of hanging out with Wes.


Nate Lahey

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The general consensus on Nate, who came through with an average of 3.6, is that although "he and Luke Cage can go head-to-head for best abs on TV," says Kirthana, none of us really know why he's still on this show. Like, he seems like a nice guy and a great bed buddy for Annalise and can totally live, but I'd take his series regular paycheck and give it to someone more worthy like Famke Janssen's Eve.


Asher Millstone

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Though we all love Noted Internet Feminist Matt McGorry, his character Asher fared poorly with a 3.2. 

"He'll never stop being annoying to me," Janelle explained, with Evette kindly adding that "killing him would put him out of his RA misery." Emily fought for Asher, saying "sure he's annoying, but without him the show would be too self-serious," but I'm not sure I agree. Asher can go back to prison on "Orange is the New Black" where he belongs.


Bonnie Winterbottom

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Oh, Paris Gellar. At a 2.4, I think it's time to go back to Stars Hollow where you belong.

Basically, none of us exactly hate Bonnie like we do the number one ranked character on this Must Die list, but the phrase "she serves no purpose" showed up on multiple ballots. Basically, after she went after Annalise's scummy husband, slept with Asher, killed Rebecca, and frowned around the office for two entire seasons, she was doomed to never, ever become a fan-favorite character. She can go.


Wes Gibbins

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Subtract 1,000 points from Gryffindor, because all of us sans Janelle — a true Bonnie-hater — put Wes at number one Must Die. With a combined score of 1.8, we are all convinced that the "Harry Potter" alum is bringing no magic to "How to Get Away with Murder."

"He shot Annalise, he asks too many questions, and he's forever playing the victim — even though he technically is one," Evette explained, with Emily adding "I can't really hate him for being such a downer; but I hate him for being such a downer."

I personally feel that Wes isn't a character so much as a collection of sad puppy faces. It's not necessarily Enoch's fault that Wes was written as more of a puzzle to be solved by Annalise than a human being, but still — the viewers are suffering for it, and it's time to put the dude that thought dating Rebecca was a sexy fun idea out of his misery.