Khal Drogo Game of Thrones
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Khal Drogo only appeared on a brief season of "Game of Thrones" (plus a brief cameo in season 2) but you wouldn't know that from his Instagram. 

On Tuesday (August 23), actor Jason Momoa appeared in Ireland and posed for photos with showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, leading many conspiracy theorists to wonder: Will Drogo be making another ghostly appearance on the show? 

"Love ya GOT greatest show on earth ALOHA DROGO," the caption reads. But Jason, aloha means goodbye AND hello! Which is it???

Whether or not Drogo will return is anybody's guess, but this isn't the first time Momoa has baited her "GoT" loving-followers. There was also:


That time he reappeared in his favorite Belfast bar while in Ireland.

"It's been 6 yrs and we missed you," he wrote. So why are you back there??? WHY DROGO


That time he raised the American flag atop a British castle.

Mahalo mr langer. Beautiful night happy 4th congrats to Michael and Antonia We love you.

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Oh, sure, you'll cross a narrow sea to conquer a foreign land full of castles when it's CONVENIENT, but not when your khaleesi asks you to do it. I see how it is.


That time he cheered on his TV wife after she torched all his friends.

Actually, Khals probably aren't friends with each other, are they? When you think about it, she totally defeated all of his political rivals at once and he wasn't even there to be proud of her. Sob.


That time he got matching tattoos with Jory Cassel.

These two didn't even have scenes together, but they WERE both killed off in season 1. 


And then drank it in a fancy "Game of Thrones" mug.

Tomorrow will suck. A whole fucking year till next season.

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First of all how dare you.


That time he laughed at all his former castmates' misfortune.

"Have fun looking for new jobs, buds!" I imagine him cackling. 


That time he cheered on his baby — uh, man dragon.

Finally my women is with a real man. Drogon. BOOM. Fucking badass. Slaps. Bitch. Hahahahahahahahha

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That's not right, Momoa! She's his MOM.


That time he freaked out over the Night's King.

Same, tho. 


That time he posted... well, this.

BOOM Drogo Hahahahahahahah.

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To be fair, the Targaryens are pretty weird in the sheets too, but in a very different way that usually involves incest.


That time he geeked out over Gwendoline Christie.

I geeked out. Love her so talented. Game of thrones greatest show ever

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Is she taller than him? That's the best thing I've ever seen. 


That time he took pics with his friends on the Iron Throne.


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Um exCUSE me, you were supposed to share the throne with Daenerys. Not this dude over here. 


That time he was an action figure.

I'm fucking pissed. I don't even have one. Bullshit

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And a Funko Pop.

One happy family.

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And a playing card.

King of hearts

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And also a... crayon?

#imacrayon #kidsrstoked. Mahalo j

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That time he appeared to have stolen somebody's fanart.

Who painted this. Anyone?

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Did somebody send this piece to you with no note, Jason? How do you not know who painted it?


That time he was the meme Khal.

Repost. Of course honey. I love u too

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That time he missed the stallion who mounts the world.

Me and the cock that mounts the world. Hahaha. Some fans chicken of course

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And replaced him with a cock instead. Get it? Get iiiiiiit?


That time he posed with everyone's favorite characters.

Amazing finale Greatest show in the world. So proud love ya j

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That time he and Osha totally rocked out.

GOT party love this women. Mental amazing beautiful full of heart. Natalia tena and her amazing man Sam

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They're both dead now. Sniffle. 


That time his two swole-est heroes met each other.

Drogo and Conan say. Watch the trailer on yahoo. Now women. Zhey Jalan atthirari anni

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