Jimmy Fallon Donald Trump
photo: NBC

There honestly must be something in the water at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, because it seems like nobody at NBC knows how to treat Donald Trump with any kind of scrutiny. Back in November, “Saturday Night Live” had him on as a host; then just last last week, "Today" host Matt Lauer soft-balled him during a Presidential Forum just moments after grilling Hillary Clinton on emails for the better part of their interview.

Now, even sweet dummy Jimmy Fallon — and I use this turn of phrase with the deepest of disappointed affection, like 30 Rock’s own Liz Lemon would — is getting in on the action. Thursday night (September 18) on “The Tonight Show,” he invited the Putin-loving presidential candidate onto the show not to question his racist, hateful rhetoric, but to ruffle the hair on his head like a delighted schoolboy.

Obviously this is not the first time that an entertainment program has featured a candidate in a “fun” moment months before an election. (Remember when John McCain hosted “SNL” in 2008? Ahh, what sweet summer children we were back then.) Clinton herself appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel” last month, opening a pickle jar to prove to conspiracy theorists that she’s not about to drop dead at any moment. 

But given the horrible, outrageous things Trump has said and done over his campaign that would permanently disqualify any other prospective candidate, giving him such a benign, light-hearted platform so close to November feels cheap at best and dangerous at worst. And for what — a video where Jimmy Fallon giggles at Trump’s hair texture that might eventually hit the million view mark?

I’m just saying, Jimmy, if you’re looking for viral content, there are plenty of other guests you could have booked last night. For example:


Donald Trump impersonator Darrell Hammond.

photo: NBC

Not only are Fallon and Hammond both “SNL” alumni, but Hammond can give us our fix of ridiculous Trump-isms without being a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States. Plus, you'd be keeping it in the NBC family!


Barack Obama's birth certificate.

How does the certificate feel about being back in the news again now that the Trump campaign is going against their candidate's Birther movement record and affirming that Obama was born in the United States? Must be weird, right? 


The Donald Trump Trash Monster from “Sesame Street.”

photo: PBS

Just look at all the trash he has!


The six-foot-tall painting of Donald Trump that he paid for with money from his own charity.

The Washington Post writes that the $20,000 painting, which was purchased with funds belonging to the Donald J. Trump Foundation (which, by the way, is against IRS rules), once hung at the Trump National Golf Club Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Surely someone knows where it went from there and Jimmy Fallon could interview it?


The eagle that attacked Donald Trump during a photoshoot one time.

I'm sure he has a lot to say on the subject. Specifically, "SCREAAAAAW!" Or whatever sounds eagles make. 


The little girls who are currently suing Donald Trump.

photo: USA Freedom Kids

Remember USA Freedom Kids, the tiny dance troupe who performed for Trump before a rally in Pensicola, Florida? Not only is their manager currently suing the Trump campaign for failing to adequately compensate them, but they’re adorable.


The attorney general that Donald Trump bribed to not investigate fraud allegations against Trump University.

Is she really a “fine person beyond reproach” as Trump suggested after his illegal actions were discovered? Let’s find out by playing a silly “Tonight Show” game!


Garfi, the world’s angriest cat.

photo: Garfi

If you really wanted to pet fluffy orange fur that much, Jimmy, Garfi would gladly have complied.


The Blair Witch.

photo: Lionsgate

She’s got a movie coming out this weekend, and she’s way less terrifying than a Trump presidency.