Jordyn Woods has made a strong comeback after her infamous scandal with the Kardashian family. 

Woods has had plenty of endorsements and brand deals, and has had modeling work in the past, but now she is making her acting debut. The model will join the cast of Grown-ish in the next half of its second season starting on June 5. 

Of course, Woods has already been on-screen in the Kardashian sphere, but this is her first time stepping into a scripted role. A year ago, the model was only known as Kylie Jenner's best friend, but she has been making a real name for herself in spite of the cheating scandal. 

Woods will play an incoming freshman student named Dee. 

The show's Twitter account shared a first look at Woods' episode on the show. The account wrote, "The news is out. @jordynwoods is making her acting debut on #grownish this season." Her character is a “sweet soul with a soft-spoken and sincere vulnerability," according to People. The model's soft voice and level-headedness will be a new type of character on the show about college kids. 

The trailer for the rest of season two reveals the aftermath of Zoey's (Yara Shahidi) mistakes. 

Zoey's dad cut her off after her rambunctious semester. The first half of the season showed the gang of friends partying and led to Zoey uncharacteristically cheating on her exam. Usually the golden child, Zoey isn't used to being in trouble: "I feel so unloved. Is this how my other siblings feel?" 

At the midseason finale, Zoey's dad, Dre, was not too happy with her. 

During the spring finale, Zoey's father-figures met her boyfriend Luca. With her academic probation and "bohemian" — as Pops put it — boyfriend, her dad is not putting much trust in her during the rest of season two. The show's Twitter shared, "Luca, meet dad and pops." The tone-deaf boyfriend accidentally revealed to her dad and grandfather that he had slept over in her room... yikes. 

Not only does Zoey have to deal with family and school drama, her bestie Ana (Francia Raisa) is dating her ex. 

Ana and Zoey aren't getting along in the upcoming half of the second season because of a guy. Aaron (Trevor Jackson) and Ana are "kickin' it... naked," and Zoey is not cool with that. According to People, most of Woods' scenes will be with the Hawkins dorm adviser Aaron. So maybe the roomies' friendship will fix itself when Aaron has Woods' character, Dee, around. 

A second Black-ish spin-off about the Johnson family matriarch, Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross), is also coming soon to ABC. 

The newest Johnson family story is Mixed-ish about Rainbow's origin story. The show takes place in the '80s and revolves around her transition from living in a hippie commune to attending middle school. "It’s not easy being a Rainbow in a black and white world. From executive producers of #blackish and @grownish, @mixedishabc is coming to ABC," the Black-ish Twitter account shared. 

Woods is thrilled to have a guest spot on the show. 

The model turned actor will appear later on in the season in the guest-starring role. She revealed that she moved past her nerves, and enjoyed her time on the show. 

"This was the first role I’ve ever booked, and I was nervous at first, but I got past that and had the best time take risks and stay consistent to your journey, you never know what the world has to offer," Woods wrote on her Instagram. 

Woods also dropped an inclusive activewear collection last week. 

Woods runs the street-savvy activewear brand SECNDNTURE. Recently she dropped a collection with diverse models. Woods revealed that the campaign had a primary focus on unique stories rather than the "traditional" model look. 

"Today my new collection drops and I am so proud of it. This campaign was very special to me, we did a model casting call and had such an amazing response from over 2,000 people. It was so difficult to make a decision but I narrowed it down to five beautiful women with very unique stories!!! I hope you guys can all enjoy something from the collection," she wrote on her Instagram.  

After the cheating scandal, Woods had to leave her ex-bestie's house. 

She has her own place now and has been sharing updates on her decorating techniques. She has traveled the world, visiting London and Nigeria. 

Woods shared to her Instagram, "Finally my first piece of furniture arrived! Designing homes is such a task but I’m having the best time doing it." The social media star asked her followers on the post, "What are some of your house hacks and favorite companies?" 

Jordyn made her TV debut on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Life of Kylie. 

In the final episode of Kylie Jenner's reality show, the best friends were going through with a mock marriage ceremony. The two joked that they were so close they were practically married. Their friendship breakup was truly a divorce. Now Woods is moving on from the reality-TV sphere and making her dramedy debut on Grown-ish. 

After the scandal that shook millions, Woods is smiling and thriving. 

The 21-year-old angered one of the most powerful families in the entertainment industry when she hooked up with Khloé Kardashian's ex Tristan Thompson. Instead of laying low, the model has found victories in her brand deals, modeling campaigns, clothing lines, and finally her acting. Her friendship with the Kardashian empire may be over, but her career is on the rise.