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The first look at Khloé Kardashian's forthcoming "Revenge Body" series is here — and it's more than a little concerning. 

Set to premiere January 12, the new weight-loss series' premise involves Kardashian encouraging participants to hit the gym and get the body someone else in their life has always dreamed of them having. That's because, as the title connotes, this isn't just any old fitness series. It's one specifically centered on the idea you should transform your body in order to enact revenge on your haters. And that idea is very much at play in the show's first promotional video, released Tuesday (November 16).

The promo starts off innocently enough, with Kardashian describing how she first "fell in love" with working out.

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"I was always overweight as a kid. If I was stressed out or if I was sad, I would eat," she explained. "So I had to then learn how to put all my energy into something positive and healthy for me, which is how I fell in love with working out."

There's nothing overly controversial about the above statement. After all, exercising in order to feel positive and healthy is great for all body types, and using food as an emotional coping mechanism can lead to harmful relationships with eating.

Unfortunately, though, health doesn't seem to remain as the focus for the whole show. The emphasis repeatedly returns to the revenge/transformation elements of exercise, with plenty of fat-shaming moments to boot. 

First, we see a woman gasping at her weight on a scale, which reads 207.4 lb.

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Kardashian claims later in the promo that fitness "isn't about a weight number, it's about how you feel," but kicking things off with a shot of a woman agonizing over a scale doesn't do much to further that thesis, though. 

And next, after a physical trainer takes a measuring tape to this woman's hips, she exclaims "I am almost a rectangle."

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We also see a man examining his lack of muscled pecs in a mirror and saying he "feels like a loser," plenty of loud, harsh trainer moments a la Jillian Michaels ("Stop whining!"), and another woman fretting over having gained muscle weight. It doesn't take much imagination to see some clear parallels between this show and "The Biggest Loser" series, which has been widely critiqued for promoting fat-shaming and even eating disorders.

But again, guys, this show's view of physical fitness isn't about a number, okay?

Kardashian also gives them beauty and wardrobe makeovers, in an effort to "complete" their transformation.

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Between shots of contestants getting their teeth whitened and leg hair laser-removed and a woman being congratulated on her cleavage, the message would've been plenty clear without some fuddy-duddy doctor explicitly stating that "pretty doesn't come easy." 

By far the most disturbing part, though, is the clip's revenge-emphatic conclusion.

"You're going to start to transform your body and you're going to have this revenge on this life that you once had that you won't even want anymore," Kardashian begins. It's the next question she poses to "Revenge Body's" participants, though, that's perhaps the most flat-out disturbing part of this whole mess:

"This revenge body — who is it for?"

"My ex-fiance," one woman answers. "My mom," another answers. "My friends," a third woman says.

The promo concludes with participants performing a grand reveal of their "transformed" selves to those who they're seeking revenge on, including exes. And the whole thing feels massively, irredeemably fucked up.

For Kardashian to use exercise as a form of healing following her super-public divorce from Lamar Odom is one thing. But "Revenge Body" is clearly taking that concept to another, harmful level.

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Instead of promoting coping with life changes and hardships with healthy practices the show is seemingly telling (primarily) women, whose bodies have been criticized by loved ones, that the only way they can attain confidence is to change themselves.

And that's the exact opposite of true body positivity.

Check out the promo, and Kardashian's destructive message, below: