Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian physically fight in new "KUWTK"
photo: Splash News

It's no secret that Kourtney Kardashian has been rubbing her sisters the wrong way lately. 

The oldest of the Kardashian brood revealed that she'd be taking some time off from the show after the upcoming 18th season. After seeing one of the first promo videos of the season, it's not hard to see why. Kim Kardashian and Kourtney appear to get into a literal physical altercation with punches thrown. 

The family has gotten into some pretty epic fights in the past decade, but this might be the final straw and the most outrageous of them all. We'll only be able to find out by tuning in to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Thursdays, starting on March 26.

The short promotional video for the upcoming season shows lots of arguments and a physical fight. 

It seems Kim Kardashian has had it with Kourtney's attitude. The two appear to get into a scuffle, Kourtney throws a phone at her sister, and Kim rears back into a punch. "Don't ever come at me like that," Kim threatens. Kendall Jenner ominously ends the trailer with, "Buttons have been pushed." You could say that again!

Some people are rolling their eyes at this "fight."

"That weak [redacted] fight between Kourtney and Kim looks so scripted," one person tweeted. The punches do look somewhat fake and it also appears as though Kourtney leans back early, as if she expected it to come at her. All reality shows have an element of staging, so it wouldn't be surprising to discover that this part of the sister feud is fake.

If it's not staged, then maybe it's a prank fight.

The producers definitely take artistic freedom when it comes to the trailers. So this fight could be something completely different. "I feel like this kim and kourtney physical fight is gonna be fake and probably a prank theyre pulling on khloe or something," one fan theorized.

If this fight is real, then I'm seriously worried for this family. 

If all of this feuding is very much real, then I'd say they do need a break from the reality TV life. "How far will this family go for more drama in KUWTK? They're now turning it into Jerry Springer-type show. If these altercations are for real, it is time to end the show. No amount of money is worth the break-up of a family," a concerned fan tweeted.

The 18th season varies from the traditional Sunday night airdate. 

Fans are not happy about their KUWTK Sunday ritual getting messed with. Now the show will air on Thursdays, starting on March 26. Kim Kardashian tweeted the news, "Season 18 of #KUWTK is coming and we’re taking over your Thursdays! New season starts March 26 only on E!"

Many people were remembering the epic Khloé-Kim cat fight from season one. 

The world learned not to mess with Kim Kardashian, lest you be hit by her massive bag. The Kardashian sisters have gotten into some messy altercations that have later turned into major meme moments, so hopefully they'll be able to laugh off this season 18 feud. 

One fan compared the two moments in a tweet, "Kim 10 years ago: Don’t be [redacted] rude.
Kim today: Don’t ever come at me like that.
Okay Kimmy, come through with your bad [redacted] self."