Kendall Jenner
photo: Splash News

The line between parody and reality is thin when it comes to Instagram superstar Kirby Jenner. 

The social media celeb has been posting for years as Kendall Jenner's fraternal twin brother, and thanks to some incredible Photoshopping skills, some would almost believe him. No one knows his true identity, but we're about to see a lot more of him in a new spin-off series that counts Kendall and momager Kris Jenner as executive producers.

The family is a fan of his and has followed him for years; Kendall often likes his parodied photos of the two of them. The comedian's caption-writing skills are also unmatched and are totally hilarious. He's even done interviews with magazines like Teen Vogue in character, the facade never lifting. 

Because of incredible Photoshopping skills, the superfan has been a part of the family for years. 

Kirby posts countless Photoshopped images of himself in some of the most iconic moments of the supermodel's life, including multiple Met Galas. Plus, he has some pretty hilarious captions to go with them that often explain his absence or what they were doing behind-the-scenes.

He wrote in this post, "Whoa! I won the award for 'Longest Sleeves' at this Met Jingle Ball thing and this is a real big moment for me. S/O to Reggie at Men’s Warehouse for hooking it up like always, my Uber driver for her patience, and Janet the caterer who fed me snacks all night bc I couldn’t find my own hands."

The new series is titled Kirby Jenner, and Kris and Kendall serve as executive producers.

He shared to his Instagram the news of the new series on Quibi. "Umm, I guess I have my own @quibi show now?? We’re gonna call it 'Kirby Jenner' cause it’s easy for me to remember and mom said 'it’s fine.'"

According to E! News, multiple members of the Kardashian-Jenner family will make appearances in the spin-off series.

Kendall reposted her "brother"'s Instagram post, so she's clearly in full support. 

The real Jenner sibling has always been a supporter of the parodied one. In a press release, according to E! News, she said, "I'm thrilled that Quibi viewers will get an inside look at the life of my twin brother, and he'll finally have the opportunity to shine in this series."

Clearly, the act isn't going anywhere, but maybe now he won't have to actually use Photoshop.

It could be Kirby's chance to finally be seen face-to-face with his faux family. The social media star's identity has never been disclosed, and it's unlikely to come out now. Part of the mystery is what's so intriguing to his followers, plus his dedication to the act.

Even in interviews, he stays in character. 

In a Teen Vogue Q&A, Kirby Jenner answered some questions about his life as Kendall's twin. "OMG Kendall and I are as freakin close, what's an example of two REALLY close things??? Like, two rocks sitting on top of each other? Or no, like we're as close as two people stuffed into the same phone booth. Or like, two pieces of ham slapped onto a sandwich haha!! But seriously, she's like my best friend and we do almost everything together," he said in the interview. 

Plus, he shared the real reason why he's always cropped out of her photos: "Oh well actually Kendall isn't doing any of the cutting herself ... I think it's mostly this guy Mario on her fashion team. I accidentally flew my drone into his face and I don't think he's forgiven me. Yikes, I know."

His show will air on Quibi, a new mobile-friendly streaming service.

Quibi's CEO Meg Whitman joked with the social media star about getting his own show, and without skipping a beat, he replied, "Whoa ... I’m gonna have to ask my mom @KrisJenner...."

The mobile streaming service will reportedly cost $5 a month and is coming on April 6, 2020. There are a few new short shows from high-profile celebrities, including Chrissy Teigen, Idris Elba, Tyra Banks, and Jennifer Lopez.