KJ Apa disappointed a ton of fans recently when one noticed that the actor, who plays Archie Andrews on The CW's "Riverdale," liked a fat-shaming comment on Instagram.

(And not only that, but his social-media presence is pretty damn sexist.)

First, the fat-shaming Instagram comment:

kj apa instagram
photo: Screenshot via Instagram

"Making fun of fat people is the only thing that's gonna stop those useless bags of sh*t dying a fat early death," the comment said.

While Apa wasn't the creator of the comment, he certainly wasn't shy about supporting the creator's hateful view of fat bodies.

Archie is Apa's first major role, and for those who saw the New Zealander as the sort-of underdog in the cast were especially disappointed.

archie riverdale
photo: The CW's "Riverdale"

"I trusted you..."

tweets about kj apa
photo: Screenshot via Twitter
tweets about kj apa
photo: Screenshot via Twitter

"We were all rooting for you!"

tweets about kj apa
photo: Screenshot via Twitter

"Fat shaming & treating women like objects?"

tweets about kj apa
photo: Screenshot via Twitter

Which brings us to the second point: Apa's fans noticing one particularly misogynistic post from the 19-year-old actor on Snapchat.

One of Apa's Snapchat followers took a screenshot of this snap, which Apa seems to have taken from a "funny" poster.

kj apa snapchat
photo: Screenshot via Snapchat

The poster lists "15 reasons a beer is better than a woman." The reasons range from "a beer never says no" to "you can throw away a beer if it's flat" to "a beer always goes down on the first night."

Not only does it slut shame and body shame women, it reinforces rape culture. Greaaaaaat.

People look up to you now that you're kind of famous, KJ.

kj apa
photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

Time to start setting a good example — and bashing fat and/or female bodies isn't it.

h/t MTV