Leslie Jones 2018 Emmy's headshot
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Leslie Jones is leaving Saturday Night Live after only five seasons, and fans are absolutely crushed. 

The Emmy-nominated comedian has a few upcoming projects, though, so there's still plenty of opportunity to spot the star. Jones is currently starring as the voice of Zeta in The Angry Birds Movie 2 and has three films in production. Plus, the 51-year-old is working on a Netflix comedy special set to release in 2020. Deadline reports that Jones is also going to host and executive-produce a reboot of the classic game show Supermarket Sweep. 

Jones was one of two black women on the Lorne Michaels sketch comedy series, so now diversity is at an abysmal low. Hopefully, the comedian's departure marks a newfound urgency in the series inclusion efforts. 

The Hollywood Reporter shared that Jones would not be returning for the series' 45th season. 

This September marks the first season in five years without Leslie Jones. Originally starting out as a writer for the sketch comedy show, Jones made waves as one of the wildest comedians on the series. The Hollywood Reporter was told by a source that Jones is leaving to focus on her upcoming Netflix comedy special, feature films, and other projects.

People are truly heartbroken over the comedian's departure. 

Fans have taken to Twitter to mourn the comedian's departure. It has not been confirmed if anyone will join the cast to replace Jones, but either way, her personality is 100% irreplaceable. Season 45 will resume on September 28 with Woody Harrelson hosting and Billie Eilish performing as the musical guest. 

In 2014, SNL hired on a few black women in an attempt to diversify the show, but none of them have stayed. 

Leslie Jones and Sasheer Zamata both signed on to the cast in 2014, and now they're both off the show. The only remaining black woman in the cast is Ego Nwodim, which shows a severe lack of diversity in the infamously white series. "None of the black women that SNL hired in 2014 as its big 'diversity effort' are still with the show now!" Anna Menta, a senior film reporter for Decider, noted on Twitter.

If Jones ever does speak out about her departure, it will surely be something witty and characteristically over-the-top.

Jones has her own projects to manage, but she had a great run on the series. The unfiltered comedian will have a hilarious and poignant message if she ever does speak out about leaving the show. Hopefully the series will include a shout-out to the fan-favorite actor at the start of the upcoming season. 

The boisterous comedian rose to fame on the series thanks to her outspoken Weekend Update segments. 

Jones famously flirted with Weekend Update host Colin Jost on many of her appearances on the segment. Jones always had a point to make on these satirical news updates, and nearly always garnered a response from the crowd. Two years in a row, Jones was nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series at the Emmy Awards. And in 2019, she was nominated for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for "The Upper East Side.

Quite possibly Jones' most famous sketch to date is the Weezer argument. 

Jones and host Matt Damon argue over the best Weezer albums in a heated, and almost physical, altercation. The hilarious bit had many laughing in 2018. Now everyone is reminiscing over some of Jones' best SNL moments, and this one takes the cake. 

Reportedly she will host and executive-produce a reboot of game show Supermarket Sweep. 

Deadline first reported that Jones will host a reboot of the classic game show, and many networks are attempting to pick it up. Between the game show as well as a slew of films and a comedy special, Jones won't be too far from screens. But she will be sorely missed on the weekly sketch comedy series. "I’ll miss @Lesdoggg on SNL, but she’s moving on to bigger and better things," one fan tweeted. We'll miss her too!