Hello, it is I, your friendly neighborhood Saturday Night Live stan. I will not tolerate any SNL slander in this post, and you won't either, because it was just announced that Lizzo will be performing on Saturday Night Live. The musical guests on SNL's 45th season have been at the top of their game, and I expect Lizzo will bring her greatness — which, hopefully, will include her flute.


Lizzo will be SNL's musical guest on the Christmas week episode.

"BEST DAY EVER," Lizzo wrote on Instagram as she announced the news. She'll be performing on the December 21 broadcast, and while guests' set lists are always a secret, I'm betting she'll play her newly Grammy-nominated hit song "Truth Hurts."


Eddie Murphy will be the show's celebrity guest host.

Lizzo won't be the only legendary thing about the December 21 SNL episode — Eddie Murphy will be the week's celebrity guest host. Murphy was part of the SNL cast from 1980 through 1984, and he arguably owes a huge chunk of his post-SNL success to his years on the show.


Lizzo is part of an outstanding musical guest roster this season.

SNL's 45-guest musician lineup this season has kicked major microphones. Billie Eilish appeared on the show's season premiere and treated fans to a rendition of "Bad Guy" while walking on walls in a box. Taylor Swift performed a beautiful version of "Lover" on a piano, while Chance the Rapper did double duty as the guest musician and host.


Most important, will Lizzo play her flute?!?!?!

Lizzo busted out her vocal and woodwind pipes at the 2019 BET Awards and her NPR Tiny Desk performance, so chances are looking good that she'll bring it to Saturday Night Live. And why shouldn't she? Lizzo has been playing flute since the fifth grade.

Catch Lizzo on SNL on December 21 at 11:30 p.m. EST. I'll be watching and screaming at my TV along with the rest of the world.