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She supported Rory through life's many ups....

Like graduation and Euro trips, but more importantly, causing a brawl at a party.


... and downs.

Oh, the downs! Whether it was breaking up with Jess (good), breaking up with unmarried Dean (fine), embracing a life of crime and quitting Yale (bad), or sleeping with a married Dean (very, very bad), Lorelai was there for Rory through it all. She didn't always say the "right" thing, but she didn't have to. Her presence was enough, and that's what makes a good mom.


She taught Rory (and viewers) the proper way to grieve lost love.

What's the best way to get over your 7 foot, 9 inch tall hunky boyfriend breaking up with you? Carbs, sleep, and sweets. Thanks for the motherly advice, Lorelai.


She refused to settle.

Through ups and downs with Christopher, a grand romance with Max Medina that just didn't feel right, whatever that was with Jason, and so on and so forth, Lorelai always refused to settle on a man. No one should compromise when it comes to their happiness, but so many women do that when the mid-30s come to town and society tells us its our lot in life. Kudos to Lorelai for showing Rory a better way.


She was willing to do bad for a very good cause.

When it's Jess' car, the deviled eggs are appropriate.


She even put up with Paris for the love of her daughter.

That's love, guys.


She kept it REAL when she needed to.

I'm specifically thinking of when Rory had sex with Dean and Lorelai walked in, and straight up told it like it is. Sure, some viewers think she could have gone soft to let Rory treasure her first time forever and ever, but like ... I see no lie. Rory's first time was with a married man, and Lorelai was a damn good mother for not sugarcoating the fact that she had done something horrible.


She was NOT OK with Rory's imposter syndrome.

Whether it was all of that Yale drama, landing her first job, or the earlier stuff at Chilton, Rory dealt with a fair bit of Imposter Syndrome — but Lorelai didn't suffer any of it. Nope

(Though it was kind of crazy that Rory got those press credentials straight out of college in the failing 2007 economy. Just saying.)


She was infinitely relatable.

When it comes down to it, the thing most of us loved most about Lorelai was how relatable she was. True, it's because she was close to our and Rory's own age, but still: she was able to show Rory how to navigate young, female, single life by showing rather than telling, which was invaluable to both Rory and viewers.