The news has been depressing, I know. But we've all just been showered with a reason to continue on during these trying times. Netflix's runaway hit reality show Love Is Blind has just been renewed for a second and third season, reports Deadline. Whew, everyone. Get ready for another cringe-fest of the highest order. This is the trash we need!


Netflix broke the news on its Twitter account ...

...via a hilarious tweet that I will bookmark immediately. "Me when I find out that @LoveisBlindShow is coming back for a SECOND AND THIRD SEASON," wrote Netflix, along with a photo of drunk Amber, of "bitch, you're shiesty" fame.


Casting is happening NOW!

To add to this incredible news, Netflix also put out a casting call for its new season. Want to fall in love in a hideously decorated pod and (maybe) get married a month later at an equally hideous wedding? Now's your chance!


Chicago, you're on deck.

The show also confirmed that they are looking for hot singles in the Chicago area. As someone who lived in Chicago for over nine years, my head is spinning with friends, foes, and exes who deserve to be on this show. Interested Second City residents can apply to be on Love Is Blind here.


Here's how Love Is Blind could improve the next two seasons.

The first season of Love Is Blind captivated audiences with its unhinged cast and trashy premise. But if the show wants to keep fans' attention, I have a couple ideas of how they could improve. 

First, CAST NOT-HOT PEOPLE. How can love really be blind if everyone on the show is conventionally attractive?


Cast folks in different age groups.

Sure, Mark and Jessica had difficulty making their large age gap work, but a range of age groups would be beneficial to the show's success. And I don't mean that Netflix should cast younger folks — quite the opposite. They should consider casting older folks, like people in their mid-to-late 30s and 40s. I speak from experience when I say that us old people are so ready to get married.

Netflix hasn't indicated when the next season will air, but when it does, join us for another round of cringing into our wineglasses.