Netflix's Love Is Blind has become a huge smash hit for a reason. The marriage reality show is equal parts bonkers, contrived, and deeply bleak. And now that season one has aired — weddings and breakups and all — Netflix brought the "couples" back together for a reunion special. And yes, it's exactly as embarrassing as you think it would be. I lived, I laughed, and I loved my way through this mess. Let's go over the most cringe-worthy moments.


Carlton and Diamond met again. *cue eyeballs emoji*

Carlton and Diamond hit it off in the blind pods, but their relationship dissolved quicker than you can say "Mexican resort getaway" after he disclosed his fluid sexuality. Diamond was thrown for a loop, said some homophobic things; Carlton immediately became defensive and called her a bitch. That was the end of their love affair.

During the reunion, the two came face-to-face for the first since that heated night at the swimming pool, and whew! It was something.

He passionately defended himself.

Diamond calmly said that she regrets not being "more comforting" and "respecting [him] as a person." Note that she did not specifically address her homophobia behind her unease. Upon hearing this, Carlton became tearful as he honestly explained why he reacted so angrily to Diamond.

He says he would have done "everything it took" to be "happily married" to Diamond. "In that moment, I went back into my shell ... I let fear sink in ... that whole fear and rejection for something that — why do have to be judged for who we love? Like, that's so lame to me."

Still, he apologizes to Diamond for calling her a very mean name.


The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Was As Embarrassing As I Hoped It Would Be
photo: Netflix

NOOOOO! I HATE/LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE GET DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND IT'S NOT A PROPOSAL. It's truly one of the most cringe-worthy things imaginable. Carlton ended a perfectly good make-up conversation by presenting Diamond with their engagement ring as a "significant piece of their friendship." Diamond was nonplussed, but she accepted the ring!

Giannina and Damian stayed together!

This one was a true surprise. Damian dumped Giannina at the altar, but the two didn't part ways. They confirmed that they're still in a relationship, because, as one friend described it to me, "That couple that hates each other, but then the next day be like, 'Oh yeah, we’re back together.'" Not wrong! 

As much as these two fought over things like Snapchat and sex, it was unexpected that they chose to continue on. Good luck to those two, I guess.

Oh yes, Jessica was there.

As the hero or villain of the show, Jessica revealed that she went back home to Chicago to "reflect and figure out how to change course." Good for her! We support a self-actualizing queen. Amber, however, was not having any of Jessica's contrition.

Apparently, Jessica did not respect the rules!

Grab a cucumber eye mask, because it's about to get spicy in here. Amber slammed Jessica for not keeping mum about her dates with Barnett, knowing that Amber was also dating him in the pods — as she explains, a break in the girl code of their house. It makes perfect sense. You don't talk about your dates if you know your roommate is dating the same person!


photo: Netflix

Next, Amber came for Jessica with a ferocity that is best served on reality TV. She accused Jessica of "throwing herself at [Barnett] in Mexico," which, after rewatching that episode, is debatable. 

Regardless, Amber then calls her a "shiesty bitch." HOO BOY. "Coming to my face like we were cool. You were so fake. I think you are a very disingenuine* person."

*Yes, "disingenuine" is not a word. I'm assuming Amber meant "disingenuous."

Here is your new background desktop.

The 'Love Is Blind' Reunion Was As Embarrassing As I Hoped It Would Be
photo: Netflix

Look at the reactions from the rest of the cast!!! Chef's kiss. Wow. Lauren's "YIKES!!"  face is perfection. Cameron grabs his forehead because he can't handle his own secondhand embarrassment. 

Jessica, for her part, takes Amber's words with teary silence. Part of me hoped Jessica would argue back, but she politely apologizes and wishes them well.

Thanks for the entertainment, Netflix.

Will there be a season 2 of Love Is Blind? Netflix's show has become such a smash hit, they would be silly not to bring the ~experiment~ back for a second round. And love may not be blind on the TV show, but us viewers love it like it's our soulmate in the pod.