Lucy Hale
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Writer and creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is working on the new Riverdale spinoffKaty Keene, and has finally announced its lead actress. Lucy Hale, better known as Aria Montgomery from Freeform's smash hit Pretty Little Liars, will be playing Keene, a personal stylist who longs to make her name known in the fashion industry. 

This spinoff reportedly won't be much like Riverdale, although it will have some musical episodes. What you can expect is Keene and three of her friends, including Riverdale High's own Josie McCoy, trying to succeed in New York City.

Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has announced another Riverdale spinoff based on Katy Keene, another Archie Comics series.

Early this year, Aguirre-Sacasa tweeted that a new Riverdale spinoff is officially in the works. The show will be called Katy Keene and will focus on the character of the same name. She's a well-known character from the Archie Comics Universe. Keene is a triple threat as a model, singer, and actress. The new show will focus on Keene trying to break into NYC's fashion industry.

Lucy Hale will be playing Keene, according to Aguirre-Sacasa.

In another tweet from this week, Aguirre-Sacasa announced that Hale will be the show's lead, Katy Keene. Fans may know Hale from the show Pretty Little Liars, in which Hale plays Aria Montgomery. Hale tweeted that she's "slightly freaking out" but is very excited to play the character. And she thanked everyone involved with the spinoff for "trusting" her to bring life to this role. 

Much like Riverdale, Katy Keene will have its own fair share of musical episodes.

This Katy Keene spinoff is said to be a lot different from the Riverdale fans have come to love, but it will feature some musical episodes like Riverdale has. And it better — you can't cast Ashleigh Murray and waste all that singing talent!

The show will focus on Keene's early fashion career in the ever-competitive NYC.

Keene wants to make it in fashion, but she also has to find her way living in NYC in general. The show will focus on Keene and three of her best friends as they navigate life, their friendships, dating, and more. In the show, Keene's friends are also trying to make it as "aspiring young artists." Keene will be working as a personal stylist in anticipation of her big break. 

Riverdale's Josie McCoy will be one of Keene's friends and a main character in the new series. 

She will be played by Ashleigh Murray, who also portrayed the character on Riverdale. She won't exist in both shows, though. If this spinoff gets picked up, McCoy will leave Riverdale in favor of Katy Keene, and it appears her current Riverdale plot line is preparing for that to happen. In the spinoff, she will have left high school and would be working her way toward a music career. 

Camille Hyde will play Alexandra Cabot.

Alexandra is a socialite from a billionaire family who works for her father's record label. She's in competition with her brother, Alexander, who's actually the CEO of the company. Alexandra is the senior vice president, and the two of them want two different things for the label. Even though Alexander is the main guy in charge, he might not like that role. According to Deadline, he's more into the humble beginnings of music and doesn't seem to care about the money it can make him. 

There probably won't be any crossovers between Riverdale and this new spinoff.

But there might be some sneaky references from each of the shows hidden in the other. Riverdale has had some Sabrina Easter eggs. But if fans are looking for a full-on crossover between the shows, they shouldn't get their hopes up. Mark Pedowitz, the president of The CW Network, said there won't be a crossover episode of Riverdale to introduce the new characters and their show. Maybe a crossover could happen down the line if Katy Keene gets picked up. 

Ryan Murphy's mentee Maggie Kiley will be directing the pilot. 

Maggie Kiley is reportedly directing the first episode of the show. You may not know her name, but she's the first mentee of Ryan Murphy's HALF program, which was designed to make the world of television behind the camera more inclusive. She's also directed for Sabrina, so she's not a complete stranger to the Archie Comics Universe; she's also worked on the "Cult" season of American Horror Story

No airdate has been set, but we can expect Keene to make her way to screens some time in 2019.

It looks like the spinoff will air later on this year, but there has been no official date announced just yet. It would make sense, though, to air it after Riverdale is finished for the season. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's second season is also going to be released on April 5, so this new spinoff might wait until after that has aired, too.