Actors — or, at least, the good ones — are known to go far more than the extra mile to make a role feel realistic. Some even go to drastic measures to make their performances more raw, relatable, and believable.

Christian Bale, for example, has been known to lose and gain dramatic and dangerous amounts of weight for many roles he's held over the past decade. Charlize Theron once cracked her teeth in the middle of one of her Atomic Blonde fight scenes. Jamie Foxx reportedly glued his own eyes shut to play Ray Charles in the early '00s. Natalie Portman dislocated a rib while dancing on the set of The Black Swan. Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized because he refused to eat anything but fruit during the filming of his Steve Jobs biopic. I could list at least another 10 actors who've heralded similar if not more dangerous feats in the name of ~the theater~.

And that same intense dedication to the role extends to TV as well — especially on massive pop-culture phenomenons such as Game of Thrones. Maisie Williams, in particular, has reportedly had to take extreme measures against her own body in order to play the young and rather masculine Arya Stark. Below, learn how Williams literally had to fight off puberty in order to keep her character's look accurate.