The Masked Singer has consumed our feverish nightmares for two seasons, and the third season is now being thrust upon our collective souls. Why, Fox? Why does Fox insist on this madness? Why are these costumes so over-the-top and grotesque? Why does the new season include a sentient taco with a tomato for a head? Will Fox pay for our therapists? Hecate, take the wheel.

l'm sorry to present the worst Masked Singer season 3 costumes. Take care of yourself while viewing this post, because every single costume is considered especially heinous.

The Taco

NO. NONONO. JUST NO. TACOS ARE FOOD. THEY ARE NOT PEOPLE. TOMATOES DO NOT SING. Its enormous eyes and smile are what you see at the gates of hell. I hate this so much, and I will shriek every time it appears on screen.

The Astronaut

Whereas the Taco has monstrous, garish facial features, the Astronaut has none. Instead, its helmet hides all semblance of humanity, rendering it a terrifying approximation of a person that doesn't inhabit outer space — it lives in the Uncanny Valley. Get me out of here.

The Iguana

The Iguana looks like my 8th grade boyfriend. This boyfriend hung out on, drew doodles of medieval swords in class, and wore short-sleeve button-down shirts covered in dragons. The Iguana will dump you in front of your locker while you're wearing sparkly brown lip gloss.

The Llama

There are so many things wrong with this costume!!!! The Llama's distended tongue flops off its mouth like a hideous pink banana. Meanwhile, it is inexplicably decked out like a Midwestern tourist in Times Square. But the absolute worst part? IT HAS FOUR LEGS, AND ONLY TWO OF THEM ARE WEARING PANTS. How is this legal?

The Frog

The Frog is wearing a sleazy fedora, sitting atop its bloated, gargantuan head, with bug-like eyes that can see your fear. Its mouth, a combination of a frown and Pavlovian salivating hunger, wants to eat you after it scams you out of your retirement money.