ABC’s #TGIT lineup returns tonight, and there’s plenty to be excited least when it comes to “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder.”

Over on “Grey’s Anatomy” though, Dr. Meredith Grey is going to get brutally attacked by a patient and finds her life hanging in the balance. Again. 

She has something in common with “Law & Order: SVU” protagonist Det. Olivia Benson (and not just that their portrayers Ellen Pompeo and Mariska Hargitay are members of Taylor Swift’s squad).

Both are kickass female characters on long-running television shows. And yet both get consistently get their asses kicked just because it seems the easiest way to create drama and generate buzz. It’s really stomach-turning in Liv’s case, since she’s been threatened repeatedly with physical and sexual violence.

Here’s a plea to the writers of “Grey’s” and “L&O”: Please be more creative in crafting storylines for your awesome leads. It’s just not fun to see characters rewarded for their longevity with a never-ending stream of tragedy and abuse.

As a former “Grey’s” fan, I’ll only be able to be thankful for the entire #TGIT lineup when Meredith can experience a juicy storyline that doesn’t involve having her suffering in some horrific way.

--Kirthana Ramisetti