Anyone who grew up in the '90s or even the early '00s was definitely head over heels for the beloved TV series The Nanny. The series revolved around Fran Fine, a woman from Queens, New York, who, through a series of unfortunate events, ended up working as a nanny for a wealthy Broadway playwright on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Throughout the series, both the show's characters and audience fell in love with Fran Fine and her real-life counterpart, Fran Drescher. Her unforgettable wardrobe choices, booming laugh, and valuable life advice stayed with most of its viewers over the following decade.

Given how many '90s reboots the entertainment industry has been churning out over the past few years, fans are starting to heavily question the potential of a Nanny reboot — and it turns out that potential is very quickly becoming a reality.

Drescher has already addressed a potential reboot, thanks to fans who demanded that Cardi B star in the new version should it actually become a reality. And at her latest red carpet premiere, she hinted that even more big news is right around the corner.